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Q for Lindens - please advise on how to adjust profiles to remove from search

Mickey Vandeverre

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Question for Lindens -

Just recently have noticed that the forum profile is showing up in google search way above all the marketing and advertising that I've been doing for years, and I would like to know how to remove that profile, please.

It appears that the generic inworld profile has made a large jump as well in the google search.

I have no qualms about my forum profile being public.  I understand that might be part of the game.

But it appears that the forum profiles of those who do major marketing and promotion on the web have an unusually high ranking in a google search, in which case all our branding will lead directly to the second life main site.  I find that awkward.

Please advise on how we can adjust for that, so that our marketing and branding will not get drowned out, and definitely so that there is not an "appearance" that all of our personal efforts are being directed toward your main site.

Thank you.


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I'll expand a bit, while I'm hustling on Sunday, so when you get back on Monday....perhaps a bit more clear on what I'm talking about.  :)

For most of year, huge attempts with blog updates and twitter networking and constant new products and promos on marketplace have positioned my name and store name quite effectively on google search, thus when typing in either, you would generally get:


Wordpress Blog or Posterous Blog

Marketplace Listings - quite a few.

Then more blog posts.

This worked very well for marketplace sales and inworld visits.  Which benefits both you and me.

Now....it appears that you're really pushing the forum and personal profiles, which are direct hit to your main site, which I don't knock, as I've promoted Second Life joins for many years.

However....as one who is not independently wealthy, I must sell a few products in order to devote extra time to general second life promotion, and I'm sure you would understand this.

The Marketplace listings have taken a nosedive in the general google search...underneath your profile and forum promotions using my name.  It appears that you've ramped up efforts on seo on this.

But those are not the best "first impression" for a someone who wants to learn about what you've got going on.  Very limited.  I'll spice up profile this weekend to try to help, but would really prefer that they go to blog for first impression.

The forum profile is extremely plain and bland.  Will work on that as well, but still....much better first impression for me AND you...if they end up at blog with pretty pictures and marketplace and inworld links.

Now....if we stop posting in forum....would this perhaps reduce the forum profile's advantage in a general google search?

Would setting our inworld profile to private take it out of google search?  hate to do that, but under the gun here.

Did you realize that the Marketplace listings got shot down the page once you ramped up profile exposure efforts?  Is that wise?  Those had huge impact on that first page.  This certainly benefits both of us.

I'm ramping up my own efforts this week on the Wordpress blog to see if I can get it back up into the right slot - but gotta hand it to you - you wiped out Wordpress seo big time!

Here's an example, and I'm going to ramp this up big time - hopefully will cure the above problem:


That's a much better presentation than a forum profile, for sure.

If you would like - I will post a link on my blog pages to join second life...if you could take some seo tags out of both profile links - fair trade.

I really don't think that the profiles are optimum presentation for either of us.  Very limited.

Thanks for taking this into consideration.


eta:  adding one more thought....

having to use the profile space to explain to people what to do on a marketplace Failed delivery - and that has to take top billing, as it's been a bit of problem, and don't want them to feel stranded.

This is awkward advertising for you.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4610 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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