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LyneMarie Magic

Is the FRIEND list not working?

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I have cleared cache, I can't deal with this FRIEND list not functioning! PLEASE TELL THE TECHS!!

1. I can't select to IM a friend who is on line.

2. I can't SEE a person who has ME checked as on line!! This is so dificult when one of us crashes so often and we can't even see each other. and yes I trust the persons and tell them, they are checked, they tell me I am and we can't see us as "on line"...

3. we have checked and un checked. no response.

viewers in use: Ascent, Phonenix.


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No, the Friend list is not working.  See https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7104 . The latest upgrade to the servers has borked several things for anyone who is not using a V2 viewer that supports web profiles.  

"Show online/offline rights, map rights & object mod rights can no longer be given/revoked on Second Life Server (main channel) & RC BlueSteel by seemingly any non web profile viewer.

The person you are trying to change perms for does not receive the confirmation message or the perms. If either person relogs, the check box on senders friendlist reverts back to how it was before you tried to change it."

Viewers affected by this change include 

  • SL 1.23
  • Phoenix 1102
  • Firestorm 2.5.3 (16962)
  • Singularity.
  • Imprudence 1.4 beta 1

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