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Interesting? Did you get one too?


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Myself, I don't mind this new social networking deal in SL.

My friend's list here is very long already but I wouldn't mind adding a few more people :matte-motes-big-grin:

Agree though, on those anonymous friendship requests with no message at all! Almost as bad as the out-of-the-blue teleport request!


Excuse me, why are you teleporting me? So confusing :matte-motes-confused:


I like better when people let me know what's going on. I don't just jump in a taxi off to some unknown location either :matte-motes-bashful:

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Yes!  I did.  It`s addressed to UserName natali.   And while my *display* name is Natali, my username is natali.naglo.  Now, when I click the `add interests` button, it takes me to a profile that is not mine but is indeed, the profile for username - natali  :/  I can`t log into it obviously but still... Bit confused and concerned about that. 

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Keli Kyrie wrote:

So how are we suppose to meet these people? Just IM them out of the blue?


Get yer butt off the shy seat and say hi to somebody. ;)

 Opting out is easy: don't be interesting.

The system matches interests - so you've already got at least one point of conversation with that stranger. Hopefully more than one. For me, only 1 person in my lists had more than 1 interst in common. And some of them had interests on their lists that made me realize I need to change some of mine. :)


I'm hoping this is a more regular thing actually. It was a pleasant surprise. I'd love to see it be a part of the dashboard inworld, and used to fill all the blank space under the profile button in the sidebar.


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Knowl Paine wrote:

My profile is blank, I haven't looked at it so idk what it says.

I bet that they've matched me to other blank profiles.

Speak freely with a never ending chain of Residents provided by Socialification? I'm getting a headache.

nah, my "interests" section is blank, and I haven't gotten this yet...


... if I do, I have every intention of showing up at at SLCC and hunting down Pidgeonhole and SocialLottery Linden and "educating" them with a clue-by-four (or a lead pie... in the conservatory)

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I just got a second email over it, asking me to fill in a survey.

Here's what I said:

I think it was a -GREAT- start, but needs some improvement and refinement.

Interests need to be able to recognize similar phrases. Ex: "Love Dancing" and "Love Dance Clubs" - the same thing, worded differently.


"Like Reggae Music"


"Love Reggae Clubs"

"Reggae Music"

- the current system thinks these four would have nothing in common, even though they clearly are all nearly the same.

If that could be done, making it find on similar words, then it should also start to only match people with 3+ hits.

Some of my matches were on words that I've since removed because they were only marginal interests.

Some words might be too common and need to get filtered out. Almost everyone puts in 'exploring' for example - but when I started looking at others with that, I realized it was kinda too generic...

But great start, and very much looking forward to seeing where LLs goes with this. This is something I've wanted to see since first joining on my original account in 2006.

I give the project two thumbs up.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4656 days.

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