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how do i get more traffic to adult community land?

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Greetings dear fellow citizens of second life, :smileyhappy:

me and my partner have an adult content land that we like it to be an active ancient /modern community.......but having difficulty with traffic....i put classifieds..3 so far at moment but had at one time about 20 but had help a bit ...but its not in search of places and we have so many groups in search for groups, these are fine....but i like some help please in suggestions of how to advertise better without having to spend too much for nothing....we spend over $ 400 a month combined, tiers included and love to make our place active and becuse it a large land with filled of buildings such as like yourselves with your beautiful communities and shops..we as well yourselves like to make second life more enjoyable and living it virtually real and helping people stay satified living it ....:matte-motes-smile:

someone suggested showcase , but becuse it has some sexy pics and videos, it might not be suitable for that, maybe someone can ellaborate about showcase for adult content:matte-motes-wink:

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Theme yourself strongly so that you have a good solid angle for which you'll be in search and sought after.

Name every collection of prims in your place something appropriate to its function and if possible your theme - this will boost your 'SEO' factor. Put all the relevant items into search. Take all of the irrelevant ones out.

Be careful not to keyword spam those names. Make sure if you name something, to boost SEO, it actually is what you name it, or it can backfire and downrank you.

Go over every word in your advertising and make sure its serving some purpose to both attract people, and the search engine. But again keyword spamming here can backfire even harsher than it will on named objects.

Do the same to your own profiles, and Picks.

Join hunts and such if you've got product to sell.

Encourage people to chat, even off-topic chat, in your groups.

Encourage people to come by the place just to hang out, even if not active in an event - do that by giving them some sandboxing space, the ability to set home, and a central 'stand around and chat pointlessly' locations.

Be persistent. Repeat an analysis of all words used in naming and adverts every few weeks or even days to refine it.

Start a blog.


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How about hiring someone and offering a free photographic session when u join the group?  Also, make sure that your Dj's play the type of music that is listed in your listing because people will tp out if the club's theme is rock but they are playing country for instance.

$400 dollars a month?  That's WAY more than I thought.  No wonder these entertainment sims go down so quickly.

Check out Big Daddy's, it is always jammed packed!  They play great music and music that is hardly ever played on SL, which is like a treat!   So snoop around to see what is making Big Daddy's or any of the other popular places so popular. 

There is also a place on the forum to post your events.  When u post an event or a wanted ad, describe your sim, and especially describe the music, because if a type of music is NOT listed in an events ad or wanted ad, I don't bother to check out a sim just by it's name alone.  So keep your description informative including music genres.  Just a name of a club gets people no where. 

Use the events section and describe it well! 

You don't exactly say what type of sim you actually have, but if you don't have a club, you should add one and then run well described events because $400 dollars a month is a lot of money and way more than I ever thought.  I was guessing around $200 a month for most sims, but double that, eeek!  If you don't have a lot of extra money to spend, I'd cut that sim in half, keep it around $200, wait 'til it gets popular, then grow your following.  If u are rich and $400 is peanuts to u, u don't need to worry so much about it.  But if you do worry about at least breaking even, I'd cut that budget in half first, be patient, advertise well and keep to your description, and then try to grow. 


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You could start by setting it to show in search and by correcting the misspelling of its name in your profile.  

Added later:  I've been there for the last time.  It appears that you are trying to resell freebies, which I consider to be unethical exploitation of people's ignorance.  Maybe other people noticed that and, like me, want nothing further to do with you.

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thankyou kindly mr boyle:matte-motes-smile:

i will fix all mistakes..and i do appreciate your help and telling me that and anyone who can visit verify anything else to help me..i appreciate all help to live properly in second life....i dont like to be doing anything wrong in a life that i cannot live without,, my happiness is in second life and i wish all who lives it to live happy and contented in all they do...i do apologise for ignorance on my part..i will rectify it..thanks again for pointing that out.


from jebbekin solo....an appreciative 2nd life citizen

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greetings miss boyle,

i have checked all for sale..i see where you said it was freebies...i have returned 3 items to seller and the other items i found are either re-sell full permissions  and also created items by the seller of them.....thankyou miss boyle for pointing that out to me..i will keep more aware of what i have in our store there and always welcome suggestions and concerns


from jebbekin solo, becoming aware from help...thankyou

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greetings miss catnap,

thankyou dearly for that...i'll shall pass the relevant searching of prims for to check functionality and good theme renaming of them to builder of place........

excuse me miss,,what do  you mean by not keyword spam them?,may you show me an example please?

thankyou miss catnap...great ideas i will use ...i'll check all, the groups,profile,classifieds,chat locations,,, to improve and refine them better...and persistance a word i havnt heard for a while..yes i need that:matte-motes-smile:

and for chat locations,,i hope we can make it interesting...i would probably have to think what place would i like to be chatting in..everyones ideas are different and exciting to learn from....some like gardens locations and cafes and clubs and where there is music or ahh where there is nature sounds,,i need to think more on the chatting location part,,, yes blog i will start one soon ..oh ty ,ty,ty ....suggestions ..please i appreciate all suggestions and concerns...thankyou again

from jebbekin solo..

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greetings miss mayalily,

 photographic session, is that a profile thing or a house site picture souvenir?............yes its a full sim requiring 80 odd dollars for 20,000 lindens tiers weekly, 20 dollars of purchasing stuff for the place and shop and shoutcast and other fees for the dj equipment....expensive yes, and im not rich,, but living good as can be, for to daily  share the 2nd life with the possibilities to do what dreams are made of from not able to have in rl...fulfilling the missing parts of life that makes contentment with respectfulness and care of community values in mind and purchasing and providing what makes a place caters for that.

music...so love music...my partner,builder and dj ramses zanzibar,chooses a wide variety of music like all djs of second life who all loves playing music genres according to like you say to the theme  of the club and lifestyles therein, our is mainly multicultural and pop,rock .some mixed,,main is multicultural that as a setting on land...egypt,rome,pompei,babylon bit of india, china, hawaii, and more to think of adding...

and its amazing i find that its great in second life to travel anywhere and see virtually so clear all the various lands of the world and treasures and lifestyles when not everyone can do that in rl and be able to afford it,,,and making your dream a virtual reality so special to hold to and share with all..

thanks very much for that miss mayalily..when i get events going..i will post a few interesting ones in here for where events are put.....i aprreciate these posts very much..and yes..i'll keep in mind to make descriptions clearer and interesting and precise

from jebbekin solo

~virtually a dreamer of all things possible and amazed of what second life citizens creates with their dreams and ideas

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4094 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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