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SL and Advertising

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Ok so for a while now I've been hearing how LL doesnt budget any for advertising, unlike places like IMVU which have a HUGE advertising budget.


Well for the last few days, I've noticed SL ads on Facebook. These ads are $50 USD per day. Is this ALL that LL will pay for advertising?! I mean, dont they think that maybe they should add more to budget in advertising like other sites do?

Here is the popular ad (it is geers towards meeroos)



A Meeroo? The only time they spend money on advertisement and its about a Meeroo? *rolls eyes*

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SL has it's own advertising i don't know if anyone remembers LL's contest to be in their advertising campaign "become your avatar" an RL pic and the person as they look in SL http://clickserve.cc-dt.com/link/tplimage?lid=41000000031005754&pubid=21000000000295438 is an example i've seen on a L$ exchange site it might just be people in the affiliate program get to use this advertising as i've never seen it or any other SL advertising outside of SL related sites and i thought if LL was going to get people to be in an advertising campaign you'd see it all over the web like you do with imvu 

edit: i wouldn't put it past LL to advertise a Meeroo after all they did dedicate one of the e-mails they send out to advertise Ozimal bunnies 

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