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Hi, I´m publishing a text I posted just now in a few group IM´s, adressed to thieves (in general). This way if my chat gets hacked I have some sort of backup of my original text:

To all Thieves:

Does it pay the cost of your internet provider to run all those IP adresses?

Does it pay for the electricity cost of running multiple PC´s?

Does it pay for he long hours you spend trying to make a few dollars this way, eventhough you could make the same amount in an hour working RL?

Does it pay loosing your RL job because you´re using your bosses resources, i.e. draining your parents income?

Does it pay for not being able to sleep knowing just how lame and pathetic you are?

Get a Life!

Someone Trying to have Fun

Since we can´t do much to stop these people in a legal way, and neither can Linden Lab, I believe explaining that there really isn´t any gain in thieving in SL might make a difference, hence the above. Money is their argument and therefor so is mine


Thanks for reading and thereby being my witness,


Strip Seriman

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Yes, generally people agree to what I am saying. The trouble is, there is no such thing as a cop or a judge in SL, making it an anarchy that way. And LL doesnt really have the means or jusrisdiction to stop it from going on, only RL justice and providers can, to an extend.

Thieves have been known to threaten and blackmail people that try to do something about them.  

Added to that, eventhough I believe ToS is very positive in many cases, like for instance disrimination, in this case it works against us. We can't name the thief we just witnessed stealing a horse, or copy a creators work or try to sell us stolen fishbait, because of it.

And so we can't help prevent our community members getting duped by these people.

So basically, they have free play, and we are utterly defenseless. People that try to do something get harassed, griefed, their chat hacked, their privacy exposed by these jerks.

The pathetic thing is what do they really get out of it, a few measly dollars,  maybe, meanwhile causing great grief to people loosing close friends that are leaving SL, not to mention hundreds of very talented people, and there aren't very many fun places or shops left

Because it is not worth creating in SL anymore this way, and therefor all the nice content and wonderful people are slowly dribbling off the grid. Pretty soon, thieves will be thieving from thieves, they are diggin their own grave as well, hehe

So, by making it a general message, an also by using the one power we have left, i.e. social pressure, I avoid ToS problems while still getting the point across. I posted it here, so if and when the jerks retaliate, I do have some sort of backup, and I know that it is noted by the Lindens that manage this forum. So if it gets me into trouble, we all know who's what

Thanks for reading it and responding to it:)


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4343 days.

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