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Nicholae Fredriksson

Land for a Skybox

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I'm looking to rent out a "small" plot of land for the purpose of having a skybox of my own. This bit of land would need to accommodate either a 40x30 skybox or a box measuring 20x30. I'm new to the process, and I'm looking for something with a decent prim allowance and a manageable weekly tier (L$500-L$1,000). 

I'd appreciate any direction at this point.

Thank you, 

N. Fredriksson

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I suspect you're offering to pay a lot more money than you need to pay for what you desire.

If you wanted good quality ground land, in a themed location - that rate might be right. But for a skybox, you're probably offering a lot more than you need to.

If you were premium with a 1024 allowance (basic 512 + 512) - it would cost you...

Basic Premium: US$60 for a year / 52 = US$1.54 / week

512 more tier: ($5/month * 12)/52 = US $1.54 / week

(US$1.54 * 2 * 260L) = 801L/week.

Offset for being premium: +300L/week

Final cost: 501L / week for a piece of land you control fully.

One time investment of perhaps L$1000 to buy the lot.


 For roughly the last 5 patches or so, V2 land search has been more usuable than V1 land search - but it is true that before some recent changes it was amazingly hard to use.


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