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What is the best business model in SL


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Do something you really good at, or gather a bunch of people and let them do what they good at. Do something you really love doing. having a plan and sticking to it also helps. I dont think you should do something just for the money, because you will loose motivation and lack creativity.

Its not so different from RL

In every branch (skins, clothes, Gaming) you can make money if you stick some effort in it. But there is alot of competition, so how are you going to stand out from the rest? You got to have something different to be succesfull, really good quality and excellent customer services will also bring you a long way.

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LL has it best so far. Nough said! BUT, capability is an issue. But, bricks over clicks. To those those who say not true...uh, sort of a statistical fact. If you company serves only through electronic means you are missing out. People say "it is allmoving to the web, no one will leave thier house but for fun" doesn't understand that poeple are using foursquare, mobile phone entertainment means ZERO reason to sit in front of you computer for some, not all though...GPU's in Desktops are 100X more awsome!

Basically, everything about amazon taking over all of you business and zero real world stores was wrong. It was predicted way back, but thier projections have come and gone. Not saying some industries didn't suffer, but lets face it people can be mobile now and that means new places and people need to eat, have other entertianment or purpose to be there. But, they are not cometing, people can have cyber stuff AND real world stuff. With some new services they use both, such as augmented reality. Although possibly overhyped some of the new stuff is sort of not pointing to less bricks, but more bricks and clicks...who needs clicks when you have touch with multiple fingers and gestures with accelerometers!

SO...best business model in SL? Not sure, but LL has it really. They own the place. But in world only? That is hard to say, real world business is not good to advertise here...well, unless you use it to release a freebie that becomes popular at all the freebie places! But in world? Land makes more money. Any creation stuff you do or any other ideas wouldbe purely what you understand and can do and use some of you strengths of stuff you want to learn? I am not sure, but this sounds like what I hear. Land earns more than others though. So landlord or landbaron? But, if you can't do it then this becomes a "it depends" question.

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Best business model in Second Life is something that is centered on newbies beacuse they're future consumers or virtual business starrtup owners. Make something new and fun for them, make something where they can earn money. This way you distribute L$ among people that otherwise wouldn't have it and are marked by merchants as a group that spends on L$.  

There are 3 main thing that you want to achieve in your business model:
- help people make more money (usually businesses)
- help people save time
- concentrate on adding value  



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I don't have much of a business model but there are some things that clearly WORK. Here are some tips for any size store/business.

Be available!!!!



Be patient with people

Never say 'NO', say 'i'm sorry, but time does not permit me' or something,  but say WHY

Never say 'YES' either and risk dissapointing your customer

Your customer base is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your business

FIX items IMMEDIATELY, NEVER WAIT, they have payed you for a perfect product, and thats exactly what they will get. have giftcards handy as a bandaid

Some people will NEVER have the lindens to buy your things. Make SURE they can get their hands on your things with luckychairs, freebies and random gifts, they are walking, free advertising too, just like all your other customers

Don't send them unwanted advertising, make sure you give incentives to make them WANT to join your group/advertising mill

Give small gifts of appreciation to your group

Give LARGE gifts to random people, they will remember you forever

Be overly GENEROUS in EVERYTHING you do

Appologize PROFOUNDLY if you make a mistake, If not, they will remember you FOREVER too!

Newbies are NOT a nuicance, they are your future customer base, shower them with little gifts and tips and take time to help them out, hang around untill they are utterly satisfied

Have a HIGH QUALITY, permanent store freebie, DO NOT CHANGE THIS ITEM! There is a constant flow of NEW people that will want it.

Have a lucky chair/board, mobvend whatever only collection, not for sale anywhere else

Create curiosity, build in your store or somewhere near, send random people first versions to make them feel special and involved

Send out a survey to your group, make sure you ask questions so they can see you are actually deeply interested in what THEY want

Never EVER hover above your customers, get involved! Yes, sure you're special.... just like everyone else.


Having a store is NOT about pushing stuff on people and making tons of monies.

Stick to these rules with abandon and even a small group of customers will make your store a success






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