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HAs anyone else seen this PBR scaling bug?

Rick Nightingale

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This only happens occasionally, but often enough for me to be asking the question. Perhaps once or twice a week. It happens to several materials on my land (not all at the same time) and is not restricted to this one I'm showing you. It's obviously only noticeable on materials that are tiled because that's what goes wrong: the scaling is shown as 1:1, so the texture looks huge, when it should be scaled and tiled. The photos below of the tiled floor in my poolhouse make it clear.

What happens is simply that when I view something, it will get the scaling wrong. It's only ever happened with the PBR Firestorm, not pre-PBR, but because it happens rarely and randomly I'm not going to get to replicate the bug in the LL viewer (I'm not using LL's viewer continually until it happens... or not).

So my question boils down to: has anyone else seen this, and have you seen it in LL's viewer? Then I know where to file the bug report.

Note that the objects are all textured both PBR and Blinn-Phong, with the same scaling. The issue only happens to objects that have PBR materials. It does not happen to objects that only have Blinn-Phong. Once the texture has been shown wrong, it stays like that (even surviving a TP out/back in) until I either relog, or edit the object and select the texture panel - then it snaps back to what it should be immediately.

Bad scaling:



What it should look like:


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Texture transforms are considered part of the PBR Override system. Like most simulator messages, these are UDP. This means that they can get lost or corrupted on poor quality connections or high congestion routes. Whenever this happens, you also lose your overrides. Occasionally (though it's much rarer than before), the object cache can get corrupted and you start losing overrides from that. The Overrides still exist, it just didn't make it to your client.

You can either relog or if that doesn't fix it, delete your object cache, which should be where your texture cache is. You can also set the transform again, but that's pretty tedious.

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