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Want a custom poster or tattoo? Feel free to DM me in-world (xdarkharmonyx), every custom is 10-100L (see bottom!)

Please feel free to message me IW xdarkharmonyx


Examples on my mp:https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Here-kitty-kitty/26115848 




Posters (more to come!) 



What I need from you for tattoos:

An idea of what you would like! If you have pictures of what you want that would be 100% helpful but I can look around and find something like what you want and let you pick and choose which you want! (Names will be in the font of your choice! )

For family names I need the font and name you would like, I will then send a shareable version to you to give out to everyone! 

What part of the body would you like it? 

Prices for tattoos!

Full body tattoo- 100L

One tattoo on any part of the body-  10L (two-20L, three 30L, and so on.)

Name- 100L

Couple names-200L

Family name-200L




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