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Renting/purchasing land

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Hello everyone,
I have another question, how does buying or renting land in Sl work?
Can I pay for it inworld with l$ or if I buy it only with $? and if I rent it, where do I find the land?

Briefly asked: Can I also pay for the land purchase/rent completely with l$ and if so, where or how do I find my land? And can I also buy/rent large countries as a non-premium user?

Thank you

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If you rent, you pay strictly in L$ and you'll generally be paying some kind of rental box weekly. You have the option of paying in advance as well, so if you want to pay for a large amount of time, you should be able to. Of course, you have to have the L$ on hand to rent - that means buying it or working in SL to get it, but you won't be sending your landlord real money.

If you buy/own land, you must have a Plus or Premium sub. It comes with a Linden home, or either 512, 1024, or 2048 m of land (depending on your sub type). The Linden Home doesn't have to be purchased as it is included with your sub, but land does on Premium and Premium+. If you don't go with a Linden home, you buy land with L$ from someone else as a one-time cost. To keep the land, you keep paying your subscription and land fees if applicable. After your allowance, you have to start paying extra fees, seen here https://secondlife.com/land/pricing -- SL does warn you of this when you go to buy land, so there shouldn't be any surprises with it.

There's a land sale section here on the forums, and I know the Firestorm client has a land sales section. When I've bought land, I've put in the size of parcel I want and just start to browse plots. The in-game map also shows for-sale plots by covering them in yellow. Renting is pretty much the same, I've always found my rentals by looking on the forums OR getting recommendations for nice areas from others.

This has some helpful links for buying: https://secondlife.com/land/purchasing

To summarize:

Renting is paying just in L$ ; Buying land is an upfront cost of L$ for the plot itself and then real money to keep the land (need a sub, and need to pay tier fees if you go over 512/1024/2048m of land)

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Hello. I'll add to the above, that it might not be a good idea to pay a "large" amount in advance for land that you rent from another SL resident, as your landlord on their part rents from SL/Linden Lab, or even just from another SL resident, and if one of them fails their own payment to their landlord/Linden Lab, you could end up without land and not get your money back either.

Choosing a landlord who has a long history in SL surely reduces that risk somewhat, but you can't really know, anything could happen to someone in real life anytime, so, while it might be convenient to pay a large sum in advance, it's best to not pay more than you'd be "fine" to lose with just a shrug and no grey hairs, should it happen.

Oh, and as you posted in the "General Discussion Forum", maybe you didn't notice, but there's a whole "Land Forum" section on the forum, where, apart from discussions around the topic, you can also find rental offers both for Mainland as well as private land plots, and for any size up to full "countries", so it's worth browsing there a bit. Like takemasaa, I also found some of my rentals through the forum posts in that section :). You need to go back up in the "forum tree" to the top level, then scroll down until you'll see "Land Forum" with it's various sub forums.

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