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Discover Our Newly Renovated Residential Community!
Same Ownership, Fresh management.
We're thrilled to announce the reopening of our serene residential community! Under new management, we've transformed this hidden gem into a haven of tranquility and modern living. Here's what you can expect:
1. Seamless Indoor-to-Outdoor Lifestyle: Our thoughtfully designed spaces blend seamlessly, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Stepping from your cozy home into lush outdoor areas with ease.
2. Breathtaking Views: Whether you prefer gazing at the sparkling pool or the vast ocean, our community offers stunning vistas that soothe the soul.
3. Chic Amenities: Explore our small-town charm, complete with a BEAUTY SALON for pampering, a fully equipped GYM for wellness, and a trendy CAFE for delightful meals or just simply an energizing cup of coffee or soothing tea!
4. Peaceful Atmosphere: Unwind in a tranquil environment where stress melts away.
5. Roads Made for Smooth Drives: Take a leisurely spin along our well-maintained roads, surrounded by greenery and serenity.
Of course ALWAYS more to Come! We will always be on the hunt for exciting future additions and amenities. Our commitment to enhancing your lifestyle knows no bounds!
Schedule a tour contacting Miguelina Varela or Ocean Nova or visit our Rental Office on your own time and explore at your own pace!
Edited by Miguelina Varela
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