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Hiring Assistant/Paid Weekly - Room To Grow, Earn Weekly Raises & Daily Tips!

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Hiring Assistant! Very important role. Must be active, committed, loyal, trustworthy, and online most of the time helping me. You won't need to be online most of the time, but we will be talking here & there about different things because I will have 2 businesses I'm running, but 1 is more like a project, with no work at all basically, the assistant will basically have to do nothing for the project honestly.

PLEASE don't say you're interested, and then 5 minutes later say you're to busy because did you not READ the entire thing before contacting me? I will pay my assistant weekly, and give them tips daily as we go a long, that's why I said the assistant should be contacting me most of the day, don't have to be with me most of the day, unless there are days we have meetings, important events to go to, etc, but you will be informed, or already know before me since you're my assistant. My assistant basically has to be my BFF, but in a business aspect because I know about mixing friends with business, but we have to like each other right? So, I will love someone who's super friendly, ambitious, organized, quick learner, goal oriented, dedicated, loyal, trustworthy & a few more. It's IMPORTANT TO READ ALL OF THIS PLEASE! VERY IMPORTANT! BECAUSE I DON'T WANT ANYONE MESSAGING ME ANYTHING THAT THEY DIDN'T ALREADY READ, IF YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO BE ACTIVE, AND MESSAGE ME AND SAY WELL I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN BE ACTIVE? THAT MAKES 0 SENSE, BECAUSE THAT'S ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS I'LL BE HIRING MY SPECIAL ASSISTANT. I'm the nicest person you'll ever meet but nowadays, at this point in my life, I'm about my business, and I noticed I work very hard for my money, and If I'm going to be this generous with it, and pay well, I want someone who will be a HIGH QUALITY ASSISTANT for me. If you have 10 jobs in SL, you are most likely not going to be able to fit to be my assistant, even 5 jobs, that is just not realistic, because you have a RL as well, and if I was getting tips & paid weekly as an assistant & I'm able to do extra and show them I'm the best assistant ever & I know I will get a raise that week + tips that will be my only job so it can have my main focus, knowing it's easy and we're in our own lane, and it won't just be business all the time, we will go on trips, we will do lots of fun things.

My Assistant will need to work with me for both of the projects. The Assistant pay will be weekly, since the Assistant will be assisting me most of the week for both projects, making sure things are organized & kept together and able to help me get through the weeks easier also while having fun. We will have lots of fun. But for the Therapy, it will need to be private for my Clients, but I need things to be organized so I can know how many clients I have etc, It will be amazing if I can find an Assistant who's very hands on, the more you are hands on, and helpful, the more you will get paid weekly. Like finding amazing destination to take amazing photoshoots, going out your way to make dates/times when I'm supposed to meet my clients for therapy...etc And we will talk about it more once I interview you, and the decision will be made very quickly so contact me asap. The MORE we work together and things improve, the MORE you get RAISES. I'm not new to this, I've had plenty of businesses, that's why I'm running the type of business that I am running now, my assistants have made about 6-8k most weeks, and quickly in the next week, went UP because their work ethic was so amazing. It's important to work with the other positions as well, like if I hire a photographer, writer, graphic designer, etc to make sure they are getting things done, helping them understand the vision etc because I'll be talking to you the most. So it's very important that you are talking to them when one of them is hired for a quick minute for a project. This is very important. You have to stay in contact with them so they know to get things done. I want you to be able to deliver High Quality work. When people think of me, I want them to think of you, knowing I have the best assistant ever, they are getting paid tons of lindens, and I have a successful business, plus different little projects & they are all doing amazing + the events that we have and attend. 

My Assistant must be very hardworking & hands on, and know how to contact certain people, like designers, graphic designers, content creators, CREATORS in general, because that's what I will need them to do. They need to be super professional, and just know the vision. It may be a lot to read it's because I'm trying to explain things so you know what you're looking for when you contact me so it's no surprises, so we DON'T waste each other time, that's the worse thing you can do is waste someone time, and sadly a lot of people in SL like to do that, which is not cool, that's 1 way to turn my switch, and I'm really nice. My Assistant must be willing to contact creators to make sure they pay the business if they want us to continue making art out of their business items or locations. Because, I might find something I like ONCE, but if they want us to keep on, a payment must be made, and my Assistant must reach out to creators very professionally, and show me once you're done. Assistant has a huge role, because they are assisting but also helping me elevate, and wanting to help me grow, so everyone must be super loyal, because when I see everyone working hard, lots of tips & promotions will be giving out. Just contact everyone so everyone is on the same page. Make sure to contact me & give me updates daily so we're on the same page.

You must have discord, when you're not online, or when I'm not online, there must be a way we can communicate, DISCORD is the best way. MUST have DISCORD to APPLY for this position. The pay starting out for this position is the reason why I'm going to be careful picking my assistant since you will be paid weekly plus tips, possibly earning 5k on your first week or more, never know. So I will make sure I have a back up just incase. Remember, I've been doing business for 12 years on SL now, I know how certain people work, I'm good with communicating I know when something isn't right, I'm very smart. 

Contact me ASAP! I'm hiring quick!!!! And I will swap you out quick will someone who really deserves it if I feel like you don't fit, for the team, and don't waste anyone time, and say you're perfect for the position, and then a change of heart happens when everything was explained here. I can usually tell those people from the start and I won't reply. I want a assistant who will turn into family, who's super fun & talented, and we can go very far together. I can't STRESS this enough, must be active, and can't work tons of jobs it's not going to work, people tried it before,1 is fine that's normal but anything more, nope. I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR BACK FROM YOU GUYS I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!!

PLEASE R E A D  E V E R Y T H I N G ! ! ! ! 

Contact me inworld at Evelyn(beyonce.linette) VIA IM & NOTECARD (because my IMS get capped) with your Position, Full name, and why you will be great for the position OF MY ASSISTANT ♥

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