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Need Tips On Renting Out a Skybox

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I'm renting land at a place where I have a building and and things in building set up.  After setting up, I still have about 175 prims to share.  So I got to thinking, how about I put up a skybox and rent that out to get a L$ income stream going so since the prim space aren't' used anyhow.  I asked the landlord if I can to that and he said "Sure, no problem!"  I have the permission to go ahead but I've only experienced renting from the renter's perspective, not as a landlord.

Is this arrangement done often and is that pretty straight forward.   I'm thinking now to just get a premade studio loft, rez that in the sky and rent that out as the skybox.  If possible, I do want the renter to be able to rez stuff in the studio apartment (like if the renter has a favorite picture to hang up, or favorite sofa , as example).  

My questions I can think of are: 

1) In order to allow rezzing, do I have to change the area I've rented to allow building and dropping items? (But then, renter would have build and drop permission to my other building?)

2) To collect rent, do I just add a Rental Box and would that handle the payments for me?  How do I set the rental box to the skybox .. done automatically?


Thanks in advance.



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