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200L Custom tattoos! Arms, Legs, Torso and hands!

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Hi! I'm Harmony and I'm starting as a new tattoo maker! I can make a full body or just one part. I would need pictures of what you would like (a transparent background is best!) but can search it myself if needed! Please let me know which body you have so I can put on the same body and match the tattoos to the right areas. If you want a name/word (s) I can find a font you like. All tattoos will be sent as demos (demo writing on them) I will need 10L up front for one part of the body or 20L up front for a whole body to upload them once they are ready.


For more info or to order a custom tattoo please DM ms Iw or on Instagram! IW: xdarkharmonyx.  Insta: xdarkharmonyx.sl




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