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how can I smooth out longer cams

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What's the best way to do long sweeping camming that's controlled and a consistent speed?

I am trying to improve my machinima skills but I am snagging on longer cams. What happens is  I start from a spot and go faster and then slow down and stop as I reach a spot and then go fast, slow down and stop again as I move from spot to spot so it gives a jerky effect. I'm ok with shorter cams. You can see what I mean in my video below. When I follow the railroad track, there is the fast slow, jerk, fast slow thing, jerk and repeat (i cut out the stops but didn't quite get it right). I can sorta cheat if it's a straight shot -- I go to the farthest point from me I want and then hit escape and the camera zooms back to me. I did that in my dragon video. What's the best way to do long sweeping camming that's controlled and a consistent speed?

Putting my lastest video below as youtube and tiktok. The railway camming starts at 23 seconds I think. You can see the little jerks as I go down the track.

I'm hoping what I learn from you all will make my next destination one smoother. They're the same video but tiktok is skinnier so the sides are cut off on tiktok. Edited first in PowerDirector to make the youtube. Then used the Youtube video in Openshot to make the Tiktok. I can control panning inside a frame easier in Openshot and it lets me bring in pngs with transparencies but PowerDirector is better at letting me control chromas. I'm experimenting with seeing which way the vids looks better. The main difference is I'm treating youtube like a blog in the description as i'm doing a one-a-weekend one-year machinima project to improve. Most people don't read the description. The blog part is more for me to track my improvements (crossing my fingers I improve). I've done machinima for awhile off and on but never improved as I do one or two and then go back to photoshoots. I put in vid styles because some people like skinny and some like the wider tv/movie formats.




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I did try cam smoothing and camera lag. I also tried putting on an invisible avatar alpha and walking. For short cams what works best is using my mouse and pushing scroll key but that is the one that results in the fast, slow, stop effect so doesn't work for long cams. I know long cams around a sim are possible but can't figure out how to get it smoothly. I used Alchemy viewer to make this if viewers make a difference. Normally I use firestorm but for filming i've changed to Alchemy because of the pbr.

So is there anything else I can try for the long cams around a sim to smooth it out?

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@Kayla Woodrunner Highly recommend using a SpaceMouse Compact: https://3dconnexion.com/uk/product/spacemouse-compact/

It is what I used to record the camera on this video for example:

The movement in the video is rather erratic since it was spontaneous/unplanned moment of recording a live event, so was trying to follow the action, but you should see how I have completely continuous and smooth movement throughout the entire video recording. It requires some finetuning to get it just right for what you need but it's a great piece of kit for anyone exploring or recording SL.



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