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Modern Beach Villas / Homes TO RENT @Prodigies Beach City - located in a newly designed SIM

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Fully furnished Beach Villas, with individual pool and beach land are now available to be rented.

A very atractive price is set for now @200L/week, and those who rent in the next 1 month and become loyal residents (=>min 2 months rental in total), will benefit from this fixed price permanently. There are only 8 Villas available to be rented, because the main purpose of the SIM is to promote a place where residents have access to many other beautiful places to enjoy with friends & to the dedicated large areas for various entertaining and fun activities.

You will experience more than just renting a beautiful beach house because you will have free access to an entire SIM where you can do many activities:
- ride horses and enjoy the beautiful zen scenery @Mina's Land
- play individual or group games @The Games Club
- organise parties on the beach @the Life is a Beach Party location
- play sports like football (soccer) or ping-pong, or enjoy the bumping cars platform @The Park
- participate or organise events and dinners @The Transylvanian Castle
- use the free driving or flying cars to explore the SIM
- or just enjoy the many coffee points & relax terraces, placed in the Beach City and throughout the entire SIM.

Beach villa - for Marketplace9.png

Beach villa - for Marketplace3.png

Beach villa - for Marketplace4.png

Beach villa - for Marketplace5.png

Beach villa - for Marketplace6.png

Beach villa - for Marketplace8.png

MIna1_003 copy 2.png



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