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The Road Traveled: Newbie Sandbox to having Land. A Small Voice for New SL Residents.

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In my short 7 months on SL, a journey that has taken me far from a newbie sandbox to 'owning' land.

I thought I share a small portion of this road traveled. Perhaps someone just starting SL may gain from this journey.


When my Rl companion and I joined SL, it seemed the two weeks we spent opening boxes and trying on clothes, was getting very old.

We started exploring and visiting fascinating places. We found SL was bigger then the sandbox where we spent our time in.

I think starting SL with a partner (my RL GF, love of my life) was a huge advantage with learning how to put outfits together especially using the clothing editing tools when our big toe's where poking through our new shoes. Good times :)


Then as we left the sandbox and starting seeing what SL has to offer; we felt it was time to have a place we can call home.

We looked at what we could afford and thru asking questions and going on searches, our first place was a multi scene skybox. This was the first time we felt at home within SL. Very special moment this was. We were at home :)


After a few months living there, we found that the 20 prims offered (which at first was great-every scene in the skybox was furnished) We decided it was time to find some land and plant our stake on it.

We put the word out of our desire for land. (private estate land) and after doing a diligent methodical search, we found a community we fell in love with. We 'bought' a 1024 parcel and the fun of landscaping had begun. (taxing at times)

A bit later in this same community we began buying other parcels.

When we desired to give back to our fellow SL residents, we came up with an idea where folks can kick back and listen to cool jazz while having coffee. Much joy given and received from this.

That newbie sandbox where we started was just the first step in the road traveled. We still chuckle how it seemed like an eternity that we were in there. :) Yet, we all have to start somewhere right?!


Now we have moved to another region, where we now have placed our stake on a 4096 parcel. We decided to combine the rent we were putting out on 3 parcels and one prim farm, into one parcel that fits our needs.

We will keep a parcel in the community we fell in love with. Its like where we grew up in SL. We have friends there and the earth beneath our feet is still sacred to us.


Outside of getting new skin, shapes hair and shoes. Oh and a good AO.. imo, finding that place where you will call home and feel the earth under your own feet gives much in return.

The joy of learning to build and design while appreciating the beauty of others on the same journey as you; whether they are ahead of you on the road traveled are just starting on their journey 'out of the sandbox' is, priceless.

How we all get to where we wish to be, is only limited by our imagination. Its in the process.

 Much can be done with little in the wallet. We've know this very well.

RL before SL.

While in SL, explore this new frontier and have FUN.

Be it mainland or a private estate, having a place to call home is soo rewarding (plus you can change clothes with more privacy) ;)


May you have FUN while having a lot of 'Ah HA' moments that enriches and transcends you into the wonderful world of SL.


Thank you for hearing this youngling.

To the sandboxes where we started, salute.



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Hi Keli :) Thank you soo much!

With the jazz and coffee house, its always on our minds. Many wonderful memories we cheerish. It was a hard decision not to renew that parcel. I truly believe, there will come a time when this will happen; with fingers snapping and feet a tapping :D



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Hi  Knowl  :) Thank you very much!

I feel this story could be in a way all our story's. 

The 'Sandbox'.

The Begining of our SL expereince. Wow lol It did seem like that sandbox was what was safe and 'it' was SL.

SL is definitely bigger now and with each new step its getting bigger every day.

My companion and myself started in a sandbox outside of Enky's free store? (spelling) 

That sandbox seemed huge!!  We head to the free stores and then back to this sandbox and open boxes and put together outfits. Mostly trial and error. ahem lol  :) O the memories..

*So happy that Tinker was a quick learner* She was a big help!  I'm still picking up tips from her!


Does anyone wish to share their road traveled?




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4296 days.

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