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The Celebration Thread!

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Lots to celebrate in the up coming days:

Canada Day (July 1st)

 Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day  (July 1st)

Hippie Bowmans fireworks show (July 3rd)

The Forth of July 

Sidewalk Egg-Frying Day  (July 4th)

 Embrace Your Geekness Day  (July 13th)

Bastille Day (July 14th)

 National Nude Day  (July 14th)

Have I missed any? Does anyone know of Inworld events to goes with theses RL celebrations?


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Ishtara Rothschild wrote:

Keli Kyrie wrote:

Have I missed any?

, which happens to be today,
on July 4th,
on July 13th, and
on the 14th of July, which would probably make for a nice SL event.

Awesome I added these to the OP. I love Ice Cream and now I have a great reason to buy some! :)

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July 7th is P.T. Barnum's birthday.  I will celebrate.

P.T. is still regarded as America's greatest showman.  He contributed much to the vitality and excitement of American life and to the education and sophistication of the country. He also created the "greatest show on earth" circus; he brought great talents to the stage; and he once tried to 'palm off' an African elephant named Jumbo as the last surviving mastodon.  But, above all, Mr. Barnum put entertainment within reach of the American people.  He didn't take life too seriously, and as a result he made a big success of persuading others not to take it too seriously either.     

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Quinn Morani wrote:

My favorite celebration day is not until September 24.

Oh, how I look forward to celebrating my favorite underutilized punctuation marks—the semicolon and the em dash!


Thanks Quinn for the early warning. With this much time to prepare we should be able to be punctual to the event. :smileysurprised:

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