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Scripts and hair questions

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Scripts are in things to make them do stuff. 

The most common use of a script in hair is to provide a means of resizing the hair without enabling modify permissions, but there are other uses as well (for instance changing the color of hair or hair accessories, making hair accessories visible or invisible, or even moving a section of hair so that an avatar appears to  chew on it).

Prims are the basic building blocks of just about everything you see in Secondlife.  If hair is scripted, then it is also made from prims (the other option is "system hair" but system hair is really ugly and virtually no one uses it anymore, so even if your hair is not scripted, it's probably still made from prims).  If you sit on a chair, it's made from prims.  If you see a house....it's made from prims.  A lot of your clothes are made from prims (the ones that are 3d objects rather than "painted" on).  In fact all of your clothes are either "texture" and look painted onto your avatar, or are made from prims.

Any item that looks like a box in your inventory, is a prim.


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Hair with scripts in it is the number one cause of lag for people in Second Life.

If you see hair with a script, screenshot it, and carry that screenshot with you as you shop somewhere else for something similar or better lacking a script.

Some hair can be so bad it will crash the entire region you're in if more than a few people with it on show up.

The problem works something like this: a hair item that is no-modify has a resize script - that script takes up a mild 16kbs of ram. But the hair has 200-300 prims. Each prim has a copy of the script running... for a grand total of 3.2mbs. But that's on the light side for scripted hair. Some of them can eat dozens of mbs.

That level of script usage blocks off a lot of other resource needs in the area - slowing everything down, and eventually triggering the off switch.


Most of the really nicely done hair in SL doesn't use scripts anyway. Its the people above 'rank amatuer' but below 'good' that use the scripts. The ones at good to excellent are beyond such issues.


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Oh I know. One of the linkset resizer scripts that many people use is put out by me. A freebie that is really a linden made script. I just put it on marketplace for the people who don't check the script library (*).

Several people doing this actually - all of us trying to get more and more designers to shift to the safe method.

If a designer uses a linkset resizer, they should say so - because that's a very good selling point. It means you're putting out something that is -NOT- a danger to grid stability.

But if people just see 'scripted hair' or 'resize scripted' in your advert - well you're going to lose a lot customers who think you're using the old scripts and not the new ones. :)


(*) So if anyone thinks its not right to list a freebie on Marketplace (an argument that pops up almost daily on the merchant forums), well it would be unethical to charge for a script that is available in the public script library, and by putting it on Marketplace I've managed to get it into the hands of maybe a 100-200 or so designers at this point as nobody but scripters ever seems to look at the library. And that's just me among the several people listing that same script or variations.

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I don't think that is true.  I was at a club on Tuesday of this week and a lot of avi's had scripted hair; no one crashed nor had lag; just long rez times due to all the vendor stalls.  I think SL should start using those billboard type things where the photos change to help reduce the lag and get rid of the vendor stalls because one can store a lot of items in just one billboard that constantly changes and these billboards have back and forth features to view the clothing items.   Also, I've been to clubs with no vendor stalls and a lot of scripted hair and encountered no lag and I think that was Wednesday of this week. 

The only way to reduce lag is if everyone kills scripts, which is not happening in SL.  I've seen dudes with more scripts than me because they are wearing A LOT of resizer menu items on their avatar. 

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i think it's a combining thing really..clubs tote tons of scripts as it is..

then get say 40 people hooked on huddles wearing prims with scripts from head to toe and you can tell thew difference when the club is dead or it's active..

i worked at the top traffice club for a few years and  dj's used to always love to see if they could crash the sim by loading it up  with people..

we wpould hit about 90 and start counting down and taking bets to how long before we crashed...

no mall or venders tied to that sim..just the club itself ..the mall was in the next sim..

at about 40 is when you felt it coming on and movement getting slow..this was before sizer scripts were really used very much..

now you get 40 people in a sim and it feels like 90 used to feel..because there are so many scripts on people now compared to then lol

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omg lets not forget the ones that thought they had protection in the bag with no rezz script protection...


if you rez this item a warning will im me that you are trying to steal my content and the content will delete ..

it went something like that..

i saw an item like that in a store and wrote the whole store off as a never visit again just so i didn't make the mistake of buying a no rezz protected hair or clothes..

no rezz with resize script..

they still had seen their stuff in those fly by night content theft malls that would pop up with all the stolen  stuff from tons of creators...maybe even more so for egging those botter guys on  hehehe


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3814 days.

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