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I need clothes

Cinnamon Mistwood

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I have been exploring SL now for more than a year (and having a great time).  It is time for me to go shopping - not something I generally enjoy all that much.  You know, girlie stuff like dresses, jewelry, shoes (which I can never get to fit).    I prefer to shop in the Marketplace and not in SL.  My questions all involve how to go about doing this.

I know there is controversy about scripts, prims and lag.  I may not understand it, but I get that the more you wear, the slower things go.  So, what am I looking for when I shop?  Not every item tells you how many prims it contains, some tell you that you can delete scripts when you are done fitting them.  I am not sure how to delete them, but it seems like a good idea.   I noticed one of the ways to sort was by 'prim count low to high'.  Is this a useful way to to shop or does it not really matter?  Are some places more responsible with their creations than others?  Does buying something that is flexi rather than prim matter?  (I am aware that particular question may not even make sense).  I am just trying to start out responsibly so any advice will be listened to even if it is not followed.

Thanks in advance!

Time to play dress-up!

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1) I'd avoid shoes with huds, they are too time consuming to work.  There are some places to get shoes without huds, but those are for viewer 2.  Also, I've never seen one avatar with the correct tinting to their hud shoe feet. So get some clogs and boots almost free by doing a 0 to 10 linden shoe hunt and boot hunt.  There are great boots for about 25 to 50 lindens.  Don't buy the sculpty boots, they make your avatar feet look 10 sizes too big, and that's not girlie.

2) Don't kill the scripts in your hair.  I did this and it made my hair awful and know I have to repurchase my hair again.  So don't always listen to people who tell you to kill the scripts.  At least keep them in your hair because the hair flows a whole lot better.  And, my SL has been no faster, no slower since killing the scripts in my hair. 

Just remember lag happens and is most likely due to high traffic times in your RL area and just on the net in general. 

I love girlie stuff.  I couldn't live without it! 

As far as dresses and jewelry, let us know some of your tastes and I'm sure you will get pointed in the right direction.   Such as do you want classy sexy or trampy sexy let it all hang out look, or the gothic sexy look, or the fill in the blank.  Give us some idea of what you are looking for, and I'm sure you will be pointed in the right direction.  Or find a picture of a celebrity you like who dresses a certain way, post a link here, and say I admire this style of clothing.  

You can also refine your search on Marketplace, to women's footwear, outfits, bottoms, etc, (I don't remember all the categories off hand) and also search with the pricing guide which you can pull up by clicking on 'see all categories' located near the lower left of the Marketplace page (sometimes you need to scroll down a bit to see the 'see all categories', but the see all categories brings up your pricing search.)

ETA:  On Marketplace page, click Apparel, then click women's, and then you will have sub-categories to choose from.  I also think some jewelry might be under Avatar accessories, but can't remember right this moment, and need to log off.




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I wouldn't worry about the number of prims. Hair typically has around 200 prims, which seems like an insane number to me when compared to the number of prims you get with a 512 sqm plot (117 prims). For the scripts, click on yourself and select "more" and  then "s.count". If you're under a 100 scripts , you're good to go. That's on the low side for a woman. They seem to average about 300 scripts and the most I ever seen was 910 scripts, but she looked great, especially her hair.

You want to look good or worry about script counts? 

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The highest prim items you're likely to encounter are hair and jewelry. A good, long hair can run in excess of 200 prims all by itself. I would suggest that if you find a high-prim item you like, such as a hair, you compensate by having the rest of your outfit low-prim. A good way to get around high-prim long hair is updo's and ponytails, etc. to give the illusion of long hair.

I have some (gorgeous) pieces of jewelry that run in excess of 500 prims. That's huge, so when you go into populated places you won't want to wear a lot of jewelry unless it doesn't have many prims.

A lot of places put resize scripts in their clothes/shoes/jewelry. Those pieces are often no-modify, but let you resize by clicking on the object. They often have the ability to then delete the script; in the same menu as the resize is an option labeled "delete." DON'T delete any scripts unless you can copy the item, because if you change shape later or it turns out the size you set it to was wrong and you've deleted the scripts, you'll have to buy a whole new item unless you copied before deleting.

I wouldn't worry too much about the prim counts of individual items when shopping. If you buy an item with a really huge prim count, try to wear it only in low-populated areas, but otherwise, I'd sort by relevance or price before I sorted by prim count.

Many quality creators try to limit their prims and scripts, but again, I wouldn't worry excessively.

Flexi is still prim; the difference is often in flexi versus sculpti. Flexi is a prim that moves and flows with your avatar; you'll want flexi hair, for example, and if you buy long skirts and dresses you'll probably want those flexi as well. Flexi - flexible.

Some of my favorites:

Hair: TRUTH, Dr. Life. (Dr. Life is scripted for size and color change, but copyable and you can delete the scripts. TRUTH is modifiable, so you can change the size manually.)

Clothes: Zaara (modern India-style clothing, also jewelry); Carrie's Lingerie; League

 Shoes: Baby Moneky (inexpensive, good prim count, deletable resize scripts); Similar (expensive, but very high quality)

Jewelry: Rozoregalia (unique jewelry); Earthstones.

I don't really run into problem with my script counts with any of these, although some do have scripts. (My script problem is usually HUD's...) Prim count really only gets bad with jewelry.


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Don't buy the sculpty boots, they make your avatar feet look 10 sizes too big, and that's not girlie.




@ Cinnamon, if you are looking for boots, you should almost certainly get ones made with sculpties as any other kind are archaic at this point and generally tend to be ugly as all hell.  There are many fine sculpty boots that do not make feet look big.  In fact I am mystified by the claim that sculptie boots somehow make feet look too big in some way.  It makes as much sense as telling you to not buy yellow clothes because you will look too grim and gloomy. 


If you buy hair, please get copy perm hair.  Make a copy in your inventory.  Rename the original by tagging "original" to the end of the name if it has modify perm.  Otherwise (if there is no "modify permission" on the hair) rez a box and call it the name of the hair with "original" tacked on the end and pop your original hair in it (then take the box back into your inventory).  Always work on a copy of your hair rather than the original.  You can size the copy you made and delete the scripts when you are happy with it.  If you need to resize at any time, simply make another copy from your original (which will still have the scripts in it).  Always get copy perm hair and work on a copy when making alterations, keeping your original hair unaltered for generating new copies from. 

It's unlikely that deleting scripts will alter how your hair moves, as most scripts in hair have nothing to do with hair movement but rather effect the size or texture.  So long as you keep the original hair and work on a copy, you can always delete a copy that you have "ruined" and generate a new one from your original anyway.

So the important thing is that your hair is "copy" perm (if it does not have copy, I advise you not to buy it), and that you always work on a copy of the hair rather than your original.


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Don't get hair with scripts. Anybody who tells you to get scripted hair is... [bleep]

- You will lag everyone else around you even if your own system can handle it. And the locations you go to risk being crashed by you. I have to wonder how a script could affect how the hair moves, unless the hair has something like a tail script to bounce it around when you're standing still - which would actually make it look really strange and out of sync with your movements.


Buy Mod items only. If its no-mod, find another shop. Make this a rule. Prim parts should always be Mod when it comes to clothing.


You might like buying on Marketplace, but I suggest buying inworld. One its a chance to go exploring, two its a chance to meet people, three some of the best low-cost shops (like Bare Rose), are mostly or only inworld, and four - you can see and demo better as well as notice other items in the shop.

- Most of the time the item I buy is not the one that brought me to a place, but something placed within sight of it.

- Taking a friend with you if you can get one to go makes it just that much better (and has been a bane of mine for ages with friends who mostly don't shop -at all- : freak'n nudists or tinies or land barons or guys. :D )


- Sorting by prim count on marketplace is for things you rez on your land, not things you wear.

- If the clothing item has a HUD, ask yourself why and then avoid it like it has cooties. Cause it does.

- Some places indeed are more responsible with their products. And... some places use photoshopped adverts to make it look different than it will once you have it. If you pay attention and with some experience you learn where the flaws are in the SL mesh, and seeing clothing that lacks those flaws is a dead ringer for a scam-merchant.


Top culprits: the inner-thigh crotch stretches textures poorly when the legs open. The buttocks do likewise. And where prims meet the avatar there will always be a seam of some kind - especually for things like a miniskirt. If that seam is missing in the advert, somebody photoshopped it out.

So why did they photoshop it out...? You can make that seam work with the design or be not too bad when worn, or you can fail to do that and instead just hide it in your advertisement...

ps: one benefit to shopping inworld is seeing people in the shop wearing bought goods, you can perv-cam them and use that to help decide. For me that has caused me to buy more things than it has stopped me from buying, but I'll be frank and tell you that it works both ways: bad product will lose sales if people can see it before they buy it. ;)


Don't spend too much but don't under-budget either. Assume you will need 150-300L per outfit. Budget to get 5. Or if you're on noob clothes still, budget for 10. Get 3-4 casual regular things. 2-3 formal/fancy. 2-3 party/clubbing. And 1 'OMGWTFBBQ' outfit.

Get 1-2 hairs in a theme that says 'you' to yourself. I have about 15-20 in my inventory, but I've only worn 1 of them for most of the last year or two. Hair is a good place, in my opinion, to 'set' your look rather than vary it up. But I think I'm unusual in this.

Shoes... its a matter of preference, but SL feet do not connect to nerves in the brain right next to the nerves that give you an orgasm, unlike RL feet... so you don't need as many SL shoes. :D

- But you should of course have something casual and something fancy at the least. And some shape-setup for barefoot days or perhaps sandals (or like me - neko paws, if you were a neko).

Oh and lately... I've found myself fond of hats. So I'd recommend finding one or two.


If you set aside 2600L you can do a good wardrobe for an avatar. If you know some good low costs shops, that's even enough for an awesome wardrobe. That's about $10 US, which if dedicated to SL should be a reasonable expense; 3 lattes at Starbucks.


Buy sculpty boots that are mod. :) And then size them so that the foot is just as long as the distance from the bottom of your chin to halfway between your brows and hairline - that's your foot size. Now take them up just a tiny notch so they look like that could fit that foot inside.


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About Scupltie Boots:  I am not a designer so may not know what I'm talking about, or as this person says I have no clue what I'm talking about and I may not have a clue.   But I did buy a pair of sculpty boots that make my avatar have ginormous feet.  I don't know if there is a resizer menu in there or not?  Also, these particular sculpty boots have no shoe fitter, so it could be that. 

So are all the boots sculpty?  'Cuz I have no idea why I have that one pair of boots that makes my feet look 3 x bigger than my head, and it said "sculpty"? 

And yes, my hair does not flow nicely anymore after deleting the scripts and sometimes my hair gets stuck in mid air for a long time when moving and won't relax back down.  I want free flowing hair only.  I don't like updo's or ponytails, it's not my style.  I may get one updo eventually for formals tho, but it's still not my style.  I want my hair free and flowing 'cuz that's how I like it.   And, also my hair doesn't look good in pictures after I killed the scripts, so I want to wear my hair like I want it, flowing and free. 

To the OP:  I did just check Marketplace, and after you get to the women's menu, there is a category for dresses. 

I agree with Pussycat that you need some wardrobe essentials.  Get some casual like jeans and tanks or camis, get a little black dress that can go just about anywhere, get a formal, etc. 

Also if you like the shoes with huds just know that they may look good adjusted on your viewer but will look off if people are using a different viewer.  However, if this doesn't bother you, enjoy your hud shoes, as people really don't care if the feet are off, we are all kind of used to that and pretty much have other things to do or fix than worry about someone's shoe feet colors being a little off, so don't think people are going to judge you about your feet.  I'd doubt it because people have to many other things that they are focusing on whether in SL or RL stuff that is on their mind. 

I've also wondered why designers can't include a type of sock where the toenails would show but the sock would disappear like the gloves we put on for fingernails.  It could be because for shoes we have to set our feet to 0 and then maybe a sock with toenails where the rest of the sock would disappear, would not work when our feet are set to 0. 

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I think it was probably just that particular pair of boots.  The fact that they did not have a foot shaper points to this.  Every pair of boots I have ever owned had a foot shaper and I expect you'd need to make a rather large foot to go without it.:matte-motes-big-grin-wink:


So far as a resizer script goes, if the boots do nothing when you wear them and left click them, then they probably have no resizer script.  They should be modify perm if they have no resizer, and if they both have no resizer and have no modify perm, that's really not acceptable unless they were freebies or limited DEMOs. 


Most of the recently made boots are sculptie these days, and I doubt that I would buy a pair that is not at least partially constructed from sculpties just because sculpties allow forms and shapes that are just not possible with older style prims, no matter how talented the designer . 


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That could be so, no foot forma or whatever they are called.  But I am NOT unhappy because the boots were 10 lindens each or 100 lindens for a fat pack, so that is practically nothing at all (I paid 100 lindens for the fat pack 'cuz the picture looked great), but I have so many other great boots to wear that I got at very good prices so that makes up for that loss.   These particular boots I wanted for that Bohemian Chic look, so they are kind of flat on the bottom and then scrunchy.  Kind of like boot moccasins with the fringe you can get in RL if someone knows what I'm talking about.   I still would like a pair of moccasin type Bohemian boots and will eventually pay good money for them as I like the Bohemian Chic look, although Stevie Nicks dressed in a Bohemian way and wore platform boots and she always looked spectacular!   So I could go with a type of platform boots like Stevie Nicks wears and still look Bohemian.   But I really did like those boots I got in the fat pack, but they are GINORMOUS.  I'm not sure they are resizer, possibly NOT at that price of 10 lindens each.  lol 

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Yes I hope Cinnamon comes back.  I hope I didn't freak her out with the ttyl in my post, so I took out the ttyl.  I remember when I said ttyl to my sister and she said back what does ttyl mean, and I said "talk to you later", and she was like ooooo.  So we use that ttyl a lot, but I'm not sure many people do use that ttyl (talk to you later shorthand), so I took it out of my post. 

/me logging off for the day and will bbl (be back later). 

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Those are adorable!  I added a picture to my photos with the maxi shirt and tank I bought at Boho Baku.  Lots of cute stuff there.

See the problem with these long shirts and then fringe boots, it might be too much stuff moving at once, so I opted for the plain slouchy, scrunchy boots with no fringe.  (In the picture I just added tho, I just had my clogs on.)  I'm going to go back and redo a photo with the sculpty boots I bought and also see if they are sizable.  When I get the other picture done, you will see that the boots are way too big on my feet and it's quite a crack up. 

To address the OP again:  My SL performance has been no faster, no slower, no change at all when I killed the scripts in my hair.  The only change I got was my hair is ruined and often stands straight up in the air like I used 40 cans of hairspray and it's stuck there.  It does not move right when you kill scripts in hair, nor has anything been faster whatsoever. 

ETA:  Photo of Mayalily bigfeet.  Also no, the boots have no resizer.  See how I came to the conclusion that sculpty is too big is because the whole info on the boots when I bought them was just the word "sculpty".  That's why I thought sculpty boots were made large 'cuz all it said was "sculpty" period.  For newbies to find photos just click on my name and then the photos show up.  That one of me in bigfeet is pretty scary! 

And there is no way I'm ever killing the scripts in my hair again.  It ruins the hair period and makes no difference in your SL in any way whatsoever.  The only way it would work is IF everyone killed scripts.  I've seen male avatars with tons of scripts sort of like tons of pockets with weapons and a million and one do-dads on dudes too.  So, I ain't listening to ever killing any scripts again, especially not the hair, unless SL said we all had too.  Otherwise, no. 

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Thank you all!!!  Sorry had to work today so I am late to respond.  It is all good advice and a great place to start.

Mayalily:  Thanks - I had seen the shoes with HUDs and was trying to figure out if I was going to understand how to work it to get the color right.  I had seen several people with mismatches feet and skin colors and figured that would be me.  I may try to kill scripts in the hair sometime, but only if I have an unaltered copy to fall back on if I mess up or it looks bad.

Randall:  I am looking for some kind of balance between looking good and being able to move around or dance.  Of course, I want to look good, I just want to keep lag in mind.  Thanks for the tip about how to find out how many scripts I am wearing.  I need all the info I can get.

Ariel:  I knew hair would be a big one, but I had not thought to check jewelry.  And, yes, flexi versus sculpty was what I was trying to come up with when I wrote the OP.  I was not sure what the difference was.  I do like the way a little movement looks in clothes (although sometimes it seems to move too slowly)  Thanks for the reminder not to modify anything or delete scripts without a copy!

Mayalily (pt 2)  I am still trying to get the editing of shoes right.  Are sculpty shoes modifiable or are they suppose to just fit when you put them on?

Pussycat:  This is exactly why I asked these questions.  I want to be informed when I go out to buy.  I do like the idea of being able to copy and modify what I get and will definitely be looking for that before I purchase anything.  I knew the few things I had bought never quite looked like the picture - it is good to know that some people will change the picture to make it look better.  I will be looking for that.  Thanks also for the advice on inventory amounts.  It will be easier to budget if I have some idea of what wardrobe essentials I might need.  I am pretty sure I have nothing formal in my inventory now and I do see themed dances that I skip because I have nothing even close to what they are hoping for.  I usually skip the topless themes :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:

Melita:  One of the few things I have figured out is the itty bitty foot size needed for many shoes to fit.  I guess if it is standard to fit a size 0, it gives all the creators out there a place to start.


As far as what my style is...  I had found that Boho Baku store - I like their stuff.  I find I am rather prudish by SL standards.  I don't dress too sexy, mostly casual, no body parts front or back hanging out.  I like mostly flat shoes and boots, although I do have 1 pair of heels in black that I sort of over-wear.  I have not found a flat pair of sandals/pumps I like, so if anyone has a great looking, easy to edit pair I am open for suggestions.  I have a few hairs, but I will have to check what kinds they are and if they have scripts/prims and if they are copiable.  I may have to just shop in-world and try some demos out to see what looks good.  Can you edit a demo like you would the real thing to see if it will fit right?

Again - thanks for all the advice!!!






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Are sculpty shoes modifiable or are they suppose to just fit when you put them on?

Since avatars are all different sizes, prim clothes will tend to need adjustments (sculpties are simply a particular kind of prim so this applies to them also).

You need to look at the permissions on an item when you buy it.  This is decided by the creator/seller so some sculpty/prim items are modify and some are not.  Some use resizer scripts instead or might offer you the option as well as modify. 

How much of a problem resizer scripts are when used without modify perm, depends on how good you are at editing prims and your shape.  For people with a shape that is not too far off what designers tend to use and who are not good at editing prims, resizers might be ok, but most people prefer the control that modify offers, and many people will not buy wearable prim based items (including sculpties) unless it has both copy and modify perms.

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Oh great, sounds like you are on your way! 

Yes, whoever created the Boho Baku items did a terrific job because some of the maxi skirts are so long that one would never see their feet And your avatar will look off-balance with no feet showing.  At least it looks off balance to me with no feet when wearing a maxi skirt or maxi dress.  However, this designer let's you have your feet showing with anything maxi.  The other maxi skirts that I bought would show no feet even if I set my avatar to the highest height.  Also, Boho Baku prices are very reasonable And a terrific fit, for me anyhow.  Some outfits are less than 400 lindens for both a skirt And a top. 

P.S.. I have other 'earthy' style jewelry I'd wear with that outfit other than my diamonds (that was just for a quick pictures to show the shoes And boots that are sculpts but no modify (the info when I bought them just said one word: sculpty... And as I'm not a designer, I have no idea what a sculpty is?). 

P.S..  You sound like the classy sexy category to me.  I think the classy sexy is a terrific look, And would probably be my preference, too.  

ETA:  Larry Jeans for shorts and jeans.  Larry Jeans has a tremendous variety of styles from letting it all hang out look to classy sexy more covered up look.  He has higher wasted jeans And shorts And some really great fat packs for like 300 lindens where u get jeans, capri's, shorts in one pack for about 300 lindens.  Check out Larry Jeans on Marketplace.  U can use the Merchant Tab up top on the Marketplace page to find Larry Jeans.  I think he has better deals are on Marketplace from what I've seen so far.  Also, a lot of the jeans, capris and leggings are mostly made extremely low from most merchants, but you can add a hip belt which fits with almost all the creators jeans and covers up your bum better.  There are some cute belts at Earthstones that do work with all the differing creators jeans, capris, leggings, etc, that are made too low.  So investing in a belt or two is a good investment, imo, and the Earthstones one's do work great with all the creators jeans.  However, with the Larry Jeans higher waisted jeans, you don't need a belt. 




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Hi Cinnamon -

My 2 very favorite clothing designers in world are Sn@tch and Hudson's.  I will sign in tonight and send you some landmarks since I am not in SL right now.  Sn@tch is more goth/grunge/punk and she has some really nice stuff and some of it is very classy.  I will not lie and say that all of it covers all body parts because some definitely shows the body :)  But a really nice selection that runs the gamut and worth exploring.  If you join her group she gives free gifts and she has outfits you can fish for as well.  And definitely check out her bargain basement - some really nice stuff at great prices.  My style is kind of a combination of glam/elegant/goth and gypsy.  The gypsyish stuff I buy at Hudson's  She has a really great pair of Victorian boots that I wear very frequently.  Not much of a heel and about calf high - I didn't need to make any adjustments to them.  Just wear and go.  I can send you the name when I get on tonight.  As for my hair...I bought it at GoldieLocks and absolutely love it but she is closing her store inworld :(  Not sure if she is gone or not but everything is on sale.  Great movement in the hair and the only scripts are for color change.  Good luck in your quest for clothing - 'tis fun to shop :)


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Oh yes, I'd give thumps up, way up for Hudson's.  Fantastic for that girlie delicate classy sex appeal look, not to mention some is so cute! 

I also wanted to add the Earthstones Leather and Laced belt which I did just now find on Marketplace (and can be found by using the Merchant tab located at the top of the Marketplace page).  The belt may look a little low, but it really isn't; it does cover the bum area and lets you wear jeans that may be torn just down the sides for instances yet still cover up the bum area.  And the Earthstones Leather and Laced belts works with all my jeans, capris, leggings, jeggings etc (that I bought from all differing designers)  that are a little low for my taste.  All I needed was a -1 to get a perfect fit from the Leather and Laced belt, and couldn't be happier with those belts, tho I'm sure other designers have some cute hip belts too, I just haven't found them yet. 

p.s. Could someone IM me as to how to add photos to a thread?  I searched the database and came up with nothing. 

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@ Cinnamon. 

Re sandals, etc -- i really like the espadrilles from GOS.  GOS are always good quality and i found the espies fit perfectly (btw,  me and my alt are no skinny minnies) plus you don't need to fiddle around with skin colour plus you can easily add on different colours for the espadrilles, etc.  Easily found in-world or on Marketplace.

@ Mayalily

Yes, Larry jeans are affordable and they look pretty good.  I second you.   :-)   Edited to add:  Hudsons is a good store.  Lots of, hmmm, flouncy, gypsy, almost fancy dress (ish) outfits, but very attractive.  Me like!

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Yeah, Candace Hudson, very cute items!  I have at least 4 things from her, if not more. I have that Candace Hudson white flouncy top on in my picture area where I'm wearing the white top; that's a Candace Hudson. 

Also, G Field for some cute Boho looks.  G Field has adorable stuff, but G Field is only inworld at this time, I believe. 

Also, if you don't like the Earthstones belt, you can go to the wanted section and post something like:  Wanted hip belt, and then you can get helpful hints from other's who have happily stumbled upon some great hip belts.   You can go to the wanted section for just about anything u can't find.  It's a very helpful part of the forum! 

@  Squashy Beeswing:  Glad u liked Larry Jeans.  I think the variety and prices are just terrific!  We always need some jeans and some good tanks or camis when in a hurry, so we can just dress and GO! 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I asked a question about favorite places to find dresses and got an amazing list of suggestions here:


I already had some of these places landmarked in my favorite clothing stores, but now have been to all the stores mentioned and have added quite a few to my landmarks list.  I found a lot more than just dresses.

Most of these places are on the MP, and I'd add PixelDolls to the list, plenty of affordable and cute items. 

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