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blender 2.79 baked texture don't match to SL

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after about 6 years I no longer remember some passages. I have built some Japanese temples in the past and with the help of valuable tutorials I always managed to work without problems. Now I'm trying to do some tests with a simple wooden floor with a simple cube on top to create a shadow.

I'll explain in more detail, I created the simple floor made of strips on Blender (version 2.79, I know, it's an old version, but it's the one I want to continue using).

Then I scaled the object (ctrl + A) and selected "compositing", unwrapping with "smart UV project" and thus creating the layout to fill.

In "world" I selected "ambient occlusion", as I used to; "gather" with "samples: 30".

In "render", the icon with the camera, I selected "bake" using in "bake mode" with "ambient occlusion" and thus I obtained the image with the shadow of the cube I spoke about.




Then I opened Gimp and alpha-colored the image to make it transparent. Once I exported the .png image I applied it to the wood texture in Photoshop. This way I got the texture ready to upload to Second Life.

I also loaded on SL the .DAE file of the floor, but once I apply the texture I get this result.


Could someone tell me what I forget to do?

I would also like to point out that on SL I can only use Convex Hull or None. I can't choose Prim because there's not (I use last version of Firestorm).

Thanks in advance.

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