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Oskar Linden

Deploys for the week of 2011-06-27

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For those experiencing issues with the main channel please update this jira:

 - https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7079

What information we need:

  • The region name, the time of the poor performance, and the duration.
  • Why the performance is poor: what feels sluggish or what stat is bad.

If you have specific scripts that are not functioning correctly please be sure to read the notes below and file a separate jira bug in the Scripting (SCR) project. Please report both the expected behavior and what is wrong, it is very difficult to tell how a script is broken if you only ever get the broken version.


  • Increased 'Script ms' time in the stats ctrl-shift-1 stats is expected. The simulator is more aggressive at using available time to run scripts. This does not mean the sim is performing worse by itself. SimFPS and Time Dilation and the general feel of the region are more important factors.
  • The time reported to estate owners/managers in Top Scripts is expected to be drastically different than in prior versions. This tool now reports the average script time over the last 30 minutes (or the life of the object, whichever is shorter). Previously it was using broken math and only reporting roughly the last instant of activity, weighted incorrectly by the last few seconds. The new data is more accurate and more
  • Script based benchmarks may no longer work or their behavior may be drastically different. We addressed a bug called 'fly wheeling' or 'juicing' that would allow scripts to use inappropriate amounts of script time and hurt simulator performance. Essentially by doing a lot of really simple operations you could prime your script to get a whole lot of time for doing more complex work. Now we are more quick to adjust the time a script gets to the standard allotted time. This will most effect scripts that vary their workload and do tight loops - and it is quite possible script based benchmarks are adversely effected.

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