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Boundaries between General and Moderate

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So obviously it's clear to us (well I hope) what makes something Adult rated in Secondlife. But what about General and Moderate? Is there any documentation on this, aside the obvious (casual nudity, gore, etc).

I say this because I am developing a combat system (based off martial arts/MMA/boxing/etc) along with a sim enviroment for it, and I'm trying to analyse what age market I should/can make it available to.

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Actually, I found the following link to be pretty helpful:


Scroll down to "Maturity Guidelines," and it will tell you what is acceptable for marketing in each category. It's clearer than the wiki on each maturity rating, in my opionion, settling my own axiety as to what is acceptable to sell under the General category (I sell weapons and weapon animations).



I decided to also include the following quote from the section I mentioned, above, just to reduce an inordinate amount of scrolling:


Mature Content Guidelines

All uploaded or posted content must be rated as “General,” “Moderate,” or “Adult” based on the maturity definitions below. A rating is for everything on a listing page, including the item listed for sale, the item description, and any images or keywords used.

Items or content that fall within multiple categories must be rated using the most mature rating applicable. Items or content that fall within the “Banned” category below are not allowed to be uploaded or posted on the SL marketplace under any circumstances.

We may remove listings or change the ratings of listings that we deem to be in the wrong or inappropriate category in our sole discretion.

General Content Is For All Residents.

  • Avatar goods that may be sexy, but are not sexual, including:
    • Avatars and avatar skins as long as they do not show anatomical nudity. They must not depict genitals or female nipples in either the listing image or the inworld item.
    • Avatar accessories, including sexy clothes and undergarments, as long as they do not expose genitals or female nipples.
    • Avatar animations, as long as they do not depict sexual activity.
  • Mildly violent content, including:
    • Virtual weapons, depicted realistically or non-realistically.
    • Virtual blood that is not excessive or gratuitous.
    • Depictions of violence that are easily distinguished from real life, such as:
    • Cartoon-like violence that does not harm others
    • Fantasy violence
    • Violence that does not involve human avatars
  • Mild language, including crude, suggestive or bathroom humor, as long as it does not involve profanity, sexual references, or descriptions of violent acts.
  • Informational or educational content, including content about breast cancer and sex education.
  • Games, including games of chance, as long as they do not involve betting or wagering real or virtual currency, including Linden dollars

Moderate Content Is Only For 18+ Year-Old Residents.

  • Mildly sexual content, including:
    • References to sex, as long as they are not explicit or frequent.
    • Intimate avatar animations, as long as they do not depict sexual activity that is explicit or highly realistic.
  • Violent content, including:
    • Graphic depictions of bodily injury or death, as long as they are not extreme or highly realistic.
    • Descriptions of violent acts, as long as they are not excessive or designed to shock.
  • Depictions of or references to alcohol or tobacco use.
  • Listings for full homesteads or islands, which may be sold only to residents who are at least 18 years of age.
  • Wagering games that comply with our Policy Regarding Wagering in Second Life

Adult Content Is Only For 18+ Year-Old Residents.

  • Strong sexual content, including:
    • Depictions of anatomical nudity, including exposed genitals and/or female nipples.
    • Sexual avatar animations, including ones depicting explicit or highly-realistic sexual intercourse or oral sex.
    • Content or items intended for use in, or primarily associated with, erotic or sexual roleplay.
    • Explicit or frequent references to sex or sexual activity.
  • Extremely violent content, including:
    • Blood and gore that is extreme or highly realistic.
    • Explicit depictions of serious bodily injury, mutilation of body parts, dismemberment, or death.
    • Explicit or detailed descriptions of violent acts.
  • Profanity in the listing or item content.
  • Depictions of or references to illegal drug use.

Banned Content Is Not Allowed For Any Residents.

  • Non-consensual sexual content, or any content or items that depict or suggest sexual activity that all parties involved did not consent to.
  • Sexual content involving minors, or any sexually explicit or suggestive content or items depicting minors.
  • Cruel or hateful content, or content or items that depict or suggest cruelty or hatred towards individuals or animals


---EDIT 2---

After going through the list, it seems that violent sports would very likely fall into the mature category, because it depicts violence of one avatar against another. After searching through the "Sports and Hobbies" section of the Destination Guide, this seems to be confirms, as wrestling and MMA sims are very clearly labeled "mature." So, I would think that the answer is that your sports center will need to be labeled "mature."

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you could probably get away with it on G land, but the only bonus to being hosted there is adding 16-17 avs, and the rare account that self limits to G....and you might get complaints.

I'd suggest M personally, you'll get a wider audience, I wouldn't expect any complaints, and people that refuse to visit G land may also attend.

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Tommy Rampal wrote:

No elements of death or blood (really), about as much violence as you'd see on a wrestling programme (WWE) or UFC - and that's catered to young audiences.

ya i doubt they would have any problem with stuff like that..

i think that rule is for really bad stuff like chopping up people and things like that lol


Basically how it works with content like that to figure if it is allowed on moderate is like this..if it doesn't fall under the adult rated definitions..then it is allowed on moderate..unless it is not allowed on the grid at all..

so if it's allowed in SL and  isn't considered adult..then you are fine =)

also i think that would be a fun sim =) when you get it going can you please send me a landmark? *winks*


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I didn't think there'd be any violence.  So please add me too!  Write our names down and contact those of us who are interested when you get it going, and let us know what type of outfits we need, too.  This sounds like fun!  You have a good idea here, me thinks. 

ETA:  But how to market:  General or moderate, I'd pick moderate if I had to chose.  But that is a good question!   General or moderate?  hmmmmmm?   Well, I say moderate, I guess.  That is a hard one to chose.  I only go to G sims for shopping or if it's just a nature walk, something like that.  I'm adult verified but mostly on moderate. 

It's too bad you can't run a poll to get some idea of what the SL population thinks. 

If you choose General, still add me tho. 


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I'll go against grain here and suggest G. M is full of event locations. But G has few. That means you can expect a higher chance of the people limited to G coming to you.

On M or A land, you're competing with the other 7-million event venues in SL, on G you're competing with the other 2. ;)


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From a business perspective the ideal rating would be General. As that reaches the entire spectre of the Secondlife grid and maximises all potential interest.

So say the worst case scenario being I pick General, and Secondlife decides it's not. Do they just go ahead and change it? Or do I have to restart the region, etc. Not to mention the sudden loss of support to customers who can only reach General regions.

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Yes, they can, read Keeper Karu's post about the rules which is on page one of this thread.  (hope I got Keeper's name right, sorry if I didn't, always multi-tasking).

But martial arts doesn't sound like it's going to be bloody.  So I think u r ok if you want to go General, just read Keeper's post again on Page one of this thread. 



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if you are on an estate it would be no problem if they had to change the rating..you could even change the rating..

if it were mainland you would have to move to whatever they rated it as..because mainland region ratings can't be changed to anything other than what they are already rated at..

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