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Gabe Gallacher

Creating a cluster of sims - looking for partners

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We are working on creating a cluster of neighboring sims to build a nice and appealing residential and commercial community where residents can have fun flying planes or other aircrafts, sailing with boats and water-jets, driving cars and motorcycles while living and shopping on this community.

The project is already started, work is in progress and so far is successful considering the feeback from residents.

We are looking for estate owners that have or will purchase full sims and/or homesteads to join us.

The rules of the community are very simple - beautiful realistic appealing design with no BAN lines, no ugly privacy screens on parcels so everyone can travel free from one sim to another.

We are active, involved and we have the time to make it happen. We are looking for the same type of partners.

If you would like to move your existing sim or maybe to place your new sim close to us maybe we should talk about.

If you are at the beginning of owning a sim we're glad to assist you with the start up - design, thermoforming, raw files, building & landscaping, marketing & promotion, sim management & debug, etc.

If you would like to get involved in this project, but you don't own a estate with sims, don't worry, you can still be part of it as a shareholder.

For more details and how to join us contact me in-world via IM's or notecards or reply to this post here.

Active and dependable partners need it for team work with this community project.

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