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Charities in Second Life

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I  cannot find a list of charities  that are sanctioned in Second Life. I am particularly interested in Charities for: Diabetes Research, Kidney Foundation and Toys for Tots. I have been looking EVERYWHERE, and searchign everything, in Second Life and on the web in regard to these charities in Second Life.  I have found NOTHING up to date. Especially Toys for Tots. Is there a list of accepted and legit charities in Second Life with people to contact?  Where do I find this?  Thank you for your help! 

Irish Breen 

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Hi Irish,

I am not sure what you mean by saying that a charity is "sanctioned" by Second Life. If you are looking for legitimate non-profit institutions that receive part of their funding through donations by residents of Second Life, I recommend you check recurring news postings by recognized resident bloggers such as Inara Pey.

In the physical world, a "sanctioned" charity usually means a recognized, legally-registered, not for-profit-organization. There are several of these which _do_ receive part of their funding through donations by residents of Second Life. These include the American Cancer Society, Mayo Clinic, and Virtual Ability Incorporated.

There are additional not-for-profit institutions in Second Life that do not have a physical-world, legally-registered presence. But there is no mechanism to "sanction" them other than word-of'mouth reputation by residents contributing to, and participating in, those organizations.

I hope this helps your project at least a little :-)

Best Regards,


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My understanding has been, that the only "officially recognized" charities are those that Linden Lab promotes directly (through events, auctions, etc.)

That does not mean "valid", "legitimate" RL charities do NOT have a presence in Second Life, but there may not be any "official checkmark" that tells you they are "affiliated" in any way.  And as always, there is no guarantee that if you donate to a "charity" in Second Life, that your L$ funds get distributed to the RL charity.

Just my 2 cents..!

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