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Looking for a Large Castle


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Hi everyone,

I am not sure if this is the correct area to make this post, so if there is a better suited area, please let me know.

I am a faculty member of a Online School in RL and the school has recently purchased private land so that we can host SL classes for our students.

We are currently looking into getting a Castle (Think Hogwarts, lol) and other matching buildings to  host our classes, offices, etc.

Just wondering if anyone knows of great castles that are not just small rooms with multiple doors leading you around in circles.

Needing rooms that can be used as classroom hosting 10 to 15 students each room.

Building 1: Main Castle

Ground Floor:
    1. Classroom 1
    2. Classroom 2
    3. Classroom 3
    4. Large room for Library/Sitting room.
    5. Kitchen
First Floor:
    1. Classroom 4
    2. Classroom 5
    3. Classroom 6
    4. Classroom 7
    5. Classroom 8
Second Floor:
    1. Classroom 9
    2. Classroom 10
    3. Classroom 11
    4. Classroom 12
    5. Classroom 13

 Building 2: Faculty Castle
    1. Headmaster Office
    2. Provost Office
    3. Dean of Curriculum Office
    4. Dean of Students Office
    5. Head of Lodges Office
    6. Staff Meeting Room
    7. Prefect Meeting Room
    8. Captain Office 
    9. Vice-Captain Office
    10.Great Hall/Assembly

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It might be tough to match your needs exactly without going custom, but you might be able to work with some of these. Not sure if they all suit your needs exactly, but it's a good starting point.

Skye Gothic Castle has the look you're after - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skye Neist Point/112/141/122

Varriale Chateau Villandry - not Hogwarts, but might do for your offices - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aquitaine Coeur 2/152/88/28

Most of the bigger builds at Angel manor Estates might suit - including the Scholar Mansion with its library. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angel Manor Estate/78/128/859

Good luck - hope you find what you're looking for

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Sorry if this doesn't seem ultimately helpful, but I went down the rabbit-hole of information I had on my favorite castle.

This may give you some ideas of how large castles can get in Second Life.   I don't see it on the Marketplace any longer, unfortunately. However, one of the notes has the name "Insky Jedburgh", who has a Marketplace store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/3956

This is my favorite castle in Second Life is the largest I've ever seen, the "Fizzdrake castle". You can get lost in it pretty easily. It is a "prim" (not mesh) build.  From the info that comes with it:  "Fizzdrake Castle Mk II has 1575 prims, measures 100x120 meters at the base, which means it can fit on as little as a square 10,000 meter parcel or very comfortably on a 16,000 meter (1/4 sim) parcel. "  The older version was 1234 prims and required 100mx100m.

If your land was big enough, and supported enough prims, I would gladly rez a copy for you given land rights (my current land is too small).  It's "no copy" so I would have to retain ownership of the building. Or, contact Insky Jedburgh in-world to see if they still sell something similar.

Other Forumites will definitely suggest other castles that are still available!

Wish I had more pictures. Some of the interiors are amazing.

Fizzdrake Castle at Love's Land.png

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   Having a large castle like that in SL can be a bit tricky, the best builds I've seen (one excellent one of Hogwarts which now is unfortunately gone) worked with using skyboxes as a form of cell (i.e. a way to only render that room and not a bunch of stuff around it, since that has a large impact on performance). The courtyard and grand hall with the stairs was one section, then when you entered a classroom door you'd be teleported to the specific classroom instead. As you seem to be looking for a rather specific amount of rooms that could be built fairly easily, too, compared to tracking down a castle with the right amount of rooms.

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Check a store on the MP called "Jammin", they are one of the "great" castle building kit makers in SL.

The full perm versions are really expensive, but they do cheaper copy/mod/no trans versions too, and have all the parts you need, and many of the castles you see on sale elsewhere are made from full perm kids like these anyway, and cost more than the kits you'd need to build them.


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