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Looking for some very specific facial hair


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Hello! I've been working on a cosplay avatar of Toki Wartooth from the cartoon Metalocalypse for a while and I'd like some help with a mustache if possible.


^ the 'stache of legend

I've been using a (heavily modified) 'stache from the marketplace but it's uhhhh not great for my purposes.


^ that thing!!

So I'm looking for a better one! Either mesh or BOM layer (not picky) in a semi-realistic to realistic style (I'm using a Lelutka EvoX head, so something that works with that). If you're a facial hair knowledge wizard and know where I can find something similar, or barring that, if you're a facial hair creation wizard and can make me the 'stache of my dreams (I'll pay for your time!) I'd appreciate it greatly! Either way, thanks for looking.

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