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JoeC Mixmaster

A few suggestions.

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I have a couple suggestions that would make great additions to the second life viewer.

1. Auto responce: Busy mode is great BUT when in busy mode, if someone needs to get  ahold of you urgentlyand sends a notecard, a friend gives you a gift etc, that item is automaticallly deleted, and does not even go to the trash folder.  I have twice by mistake purchaced an item on marketplace while in busy mode, the item never arrives so I have to have it redelivered. It would be great if we could enable an auto responce feature without the addition of the otehr busy mode features. We could have the optoin of hiding the IMs taht we auto-respond to, but still not deleting inventory.

2. Media: There is a feature I was extremely inpressed with in the phoenix viewer that I think should definitely be carried over to the main SL viewer. That is, whenever you go to a different parcel, or the media changes in the place you are currently in, a box pops up asking if you want to allow or deny the media from playign, it will also allow you to add it to a whitelist or blacklist, to automatically block that address or automatically allow it in the future. This is very inportant especially if you etner a sim where people are greafing, and try to put in a bad url with viral data that could screw up your pc.

3. FLASH: It would be great if the standard flash and quicktime that runs with internet explorer could work with secondc life viewer 2. Unfortunatly, currently you have to download google chrome browser, or firefox, and I do not trust third aprty browsers. So it would be nice to have the option to use flash directly from internet explorer instead on the in-world media, if we do not wish to install third party browsers and addons for security reasons.

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