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Sardonicus Direwytch

SL Running SO Slow, Why?

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Baloo Uriza wrote:

Dresden Ceriano wrote:

  The fact that Mick necroposted is just that... a fact.  A fact which I mentioned, but never said one critical thing about.  

The term "necropost" is highly critical.

No... it's not.


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Baloo Uriza wrote:

Go check out the
.  I'm guessing you're complaining about client-side lag, not server side.  The wiki article will tell you how to tell the difference.  If it is server side, the biggest culprits tend to be poorly coded scripts, or excessively scripting around something that's readily possible without a script.  In a few rare cases, physics comes into play, mostly because the Lindens are trying to shoehorn
into a job that would be better served much more inexpensively, realistically and reliably by
, as demonstrated by OpenSimulator in load tests and open to the public on osGrid.

Considering the system specs he posted I'd think it would be Client Side lag the OP is dealing with.

I'm especially puzzled though by his one statement,

"Ever since the change of the quality of graphics was forced to maximum, my SL experience has been less than desirable."

Nothing I am aware of forces any one to run on "ultra."

Now the OP does acknowledge that they are on a craptop and I respect them for that.

So it is a great puzzle how they make the leap in their wall of text from "my lap top sucks" to "let's all chip in to buy LL better servers."

Oh, but while we're on the subject, unless I'm mistaken, while development for OpenDynamics started back around 2001, the actual Stable Release date is not until February 2012.  Also, the little bit of reading I did said it's physic engine still has a lot of trouble with "friction."

I wonder if any of that has had anything to do with LL's choice to use Havok?  I'm pretty sure LL would prefer something that they could get for free over having to pay Havok all those licensing fees.

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