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✨ Lavish Private Estate for rent!

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"Blackwood Estate" is my wonderful and highly upvoted private home in SL - and you can rent it now!

The land is designed to reflect the beautiful RL region of Tuscany, Italy in summer. The luxurious estate features multiple levels on 64x64m (4096sqm) and includes its own private beach, my own personal megayacht "Arabic Night" (useable, but driving-locked) and dozens of high quality PG and adult furniture sets. All of that intricately and carefully decorated with over 2400 prims used for maximum detail!


≫ Flickr album of the house:              https://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelblackwood/albums/72177720308431305
≫ Flickr album of the beach:              https://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelblackwood/albums/72177720308473781
≫ Visit inworld to take a look:            http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Passerottina/197/6/2001
Please note that I am currently still living at the estate, so access is locked. You are welcome to explore the beach, cam around the house from the open access spawn or IM me for a personal tour, though!

The house consists of a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, a bathroom, a kitchen, dining area and a common area with a beautiful spacious open floor design.

≫ One room was converted into a fully furnished guest room for your guests or family. If rented for at least 4 weeks in advance, I will happily remove the furniture, so you can turn the room into anything you like.

The land has some wonderful ambient sound orbs on both levels for a totally immersive audio experience.

≫ One amazing core perk is the beautiful custom EEP day cycle. It has a detailed real life 24hr pattern set to the timezone of Italy! This means, that the sun rises and sets at the same time it does in Italy in RL - and it also looks very beautiful, like a typical Italian dry summer day.

≫ Every room and the outdoor areas are wired with functional lights that can be turned on/off through wall switches like in RL. Furthermore, most other objects can be operated, as well - such as all blinds or the big awning above the terrace.

 The house is covered with exclusive paintings (many from RL artists in SL) from my own personal collection!

 The outdoor area around the house features a pool, a jacuzzi (PG), deck chairs (Adult) from Backbone, an extensive TIS Dance System with plenty of solo and couple dances, a romantic dining table setup, a Backbone BBQ station, an Apple Fall pizza oven, a wooden pavilion with a cozy seating area (PG/Adult) and a fire pit, an Arabian pavilion for summer parties (with a removable cozy adult rug for up to 3 people) - and so much more!

Most of the furniture is PG & Adult! The master bedroom's bed is brand new and supports the INM System, V-*****, P-***** and Lovense on top of being bento & face animated!

≫ Multiple high-end AVEN TV's that can play radio, Twitch streams, Youtube, world news, old movies - even Karaoke and more! There are actual radio stream changers, as well, though.

≫ The entire land is protected by a multi-layered security setup per "invitation only". Once renting you will have full access to parcel access and the security orbs.

≫ The private beach on ground level has a beautiful little wooden shack with a modern love bed for your adult needs - for up to 4 people or two couples as swingers! In front of it is a romantic campfire with beach chairs around it to sit and relax.

≫ On the other side is a cute little beach bar with lights for the evening, a local music radio (the famous mewsic player) and dozens of different drinks to click and attach!

≫ The most majestic thing on the beach: Your own megayacht in the water! While driving has (obviously) been restricted, other than that it is fully functional and at your leisure! You are bored with the beach? Bored with your house? Hang out or sleep on your own Yacht or throw a hot party! If you want to get to the yacht and back to the beach without teleporting, you can even use the gray dinghy at the beach!






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