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Hippiestock II

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Dresden Ceriano wrote:

Love all around ...Dres  (If someone can, please, let me know whether or not I'm allowed to join the LWL group, I'd be very appreciative.  I wasn't about to just do it, even though I really want to.)


JUST DO IT. Yes, you're allowed. Encouraged, even. If you haven't been added by the time I'm next inworld I'll see to it you get an invite (I'm pretty sure I can send one myself but if not I know who to call). I'm not sure you even need an invite, but I'm guessing you'll have the answer to that in minutes.

Don't touch that dial.

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Damnit Dres the last time I saw you at Quinns you made a shirt I gave you look great. You are welcome and I mean this to join us at any time or place we would love to have you.

I'm not sure if Dil is going to offer you one of our groups but I will be doing the same once I get in world and it is the LWL I will have a special tag for you as I have done for all our male members.

From our brief encounters I can speak safely for all we would love you to join us. Get your dancing shoes ready, we are going for a ride.

Hugs Dee


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Maryanne Solo wrote:

Noting some of the consternation earlier on in this thread my Hippiestock went like this...

I knew forum people by name mostly, so I went out of curiosity and to see a large gathering in SL. I arrived and was overwhelmed by the pace of the chat, (even early in the piece), so I gave up trying to have any meaningful conversations apart from with a gf who also attended. We nattered away in private chat until she had to leave.

All I managed to do was say some hello's to people I had never met inworld and fire off the odd, hopefully funny quip every now and then. I amused myself by wandering around looking at peoples avis and the trouble they had taken to prepare for it.

I met Keli K as the site was being prepared/built by Ms Finucane, (whom I had never met inworld either) and Maddy McM who
a friend. I did know maybe 8? people from the forum cartel who attended the event itself, but apart from that I knew no one other than having seen their posts on the old GD.

I contributed nothing until after the event where in the spirit of the whole SL community I offered my pose stand, instructions and whitewall for Maddies wonderful Big Picture which was inclusive of people who didn't even attend. Therefore as far as the majority were concerned I was the unknown Avi who snuk up onstage while Gypsy performed, to dance :-D I had never heard of Gypsy or Lillie and I had never even met Hippie. Well I had but didn't realise it until a month? or so ago. 

To this day I am amazed at the friendships that persist from that one event. Every single person I met I look upon with respect and am so pleased to have met them. Some tweet, some flicker, some I hang out with.

In summary get your pixel butt along to it and have a darn good time. If you don't like someone it's ok, just mute them!? If you say Hi to someone be prepared to wait about 6 minutes for their acknowledgement of your hello :^/ When I first started SL big crowds were the norm and the closest you will get to that these days are 80's clubs and the like.

If you are new or shy, say hi to Hippie, me or others with past connections to Hippiestock. To think that anyone felt left out is a major dissapointment to me and I imagine, the majority of patrons. Join the group inworld and as it draws closer the chat will go banannas :-) See you there!!!!

Bravo! There is nothing I can add to that. Just... B-R-A-V-O.

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Dresden Ceriano wrote:

Lia Abbot wrote:

Actually, Dres, your comment reminds me of a story I once heard. I can't swear it's true, but it was Peter Cook, one of the funniest men who ever lived, so I'm prepared to believe it.

Apparently a minion rang him up one day and told him that Andrew and Fergie would like him to come to dinner.

His response? 'Let me check my calendar... No sorry, I seem to be watching television that night.'

Damn... why didn't I think of that?

@Maryanne: That was pretty much my experience there as well... except I didn't know a soul and went there stag... oh and didn't contribute anything afterwards except my pic, which I did take on your pose stand.  The thing is, I felt I knew everyone there because of getting to know them in the forums, so really it felt like home to me.  That alone made it an incredible experience.

Strangely, I've made very few inworld friends through the forums, but then again I haven't really put forth the effort to do so... that's something I'm trying to change now.  I have great regard for so many people here.  I guess I was of a mind set that my inworld experience should be different that my in-forum experience... now I'm thinking I was completely wrong about that from the start.

It's hard for me to reach out and try to make friends inworld, but that's what I've been trying to do.  I've been trying to go to more and more events with forum members.  Of course, it's been hampered in the last week by my problems with my back, which keeps me off of SL and only able to post here occasionally... simply because sitting at my computer exacerbates the problem.  But it's getting better day by day, so soon I will have no excuse... lol.

Luckily I've been invited to join and joined a few groups on my own that are forum member related... not to mention twitter and the new SLum, so I'm more informed about what's going on.  I do hope to get to know people from here inworld more and more in the future.

Love all around ...Dres  (If someone can, please, let me know whether or not I'm allowed to join the LWL group, I'd be very appreciative.  I wasn't about to just do it, even though I really want to.)

Dres, I remember you at Hippiestock. It's where I first "noticed" you, I think. I don't recall having seen you post much on the forums prior to that, but I noticed how you jumped right into the conversation at Hippiestock, and funny, too!

I see from the rest of this thread that your invite to LWL has already been attended to, otherwise I'd certainly have hooked up when I go inworld later. It was an honor that you came by my "island warming" party last week. I certainly hope we see you around inworld a lot more often!

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Keli Kyrie wrote:

Hippie Bowman wrote:

Ok All you Hippies! 
I have set a date.
Mark it on your calendar. 
January the 21st
for Hippiestock II!  I have not decided on a time to start and end, but the celebration will last 6 hours this time!  Dig?  Far out and Groovy!



Great poster, Keli....2012??

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3645 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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