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Land Auctions

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Hello! Its a warm April night and some dogs barging in the far distance.. Moon isnt up yet and dark covers everrything..
Im in front of the monitor and I thought to reply..
So, they dont use a bot. Its the system of SL acting "funny" and appear as a bot..

When someone want to win a parcel in auctions they bid/pay the maximum amount they want to pay for it and then the system holds them money and bids for them when someone else overbids them, up on the amount they have deposit/pay in the begining.

An Example:

A parcel of 1024m has 2 bidders and it is already at L$750

I want that parcel... baddly!
I can afford to pay L$2000 for it! And thats what I bid/pay.
The system holds my money and bid only 760, just enough to overbid the 1st bidder!

Now I see the auction is up on L$760 and I am the higger bidder! (yay me -  I get my tonic juice and lay on my couch)

When I look back in 5 minutes, I see there is someone overbid me (they pay L$1000)
But I am still the higher bidder.
They system use from my money the amount of L$1010 to overbid the one that beat me and so I still have in balance approx another 1000 to overbid those who will DARE to bid up on a parcel I want BADDLY!
And so on..
People bid and bid and the system overbids them with just L$10 up on what they bid/pay and I am still the higher bidder!
Only 10 minutes are left, the auction is now at L$1500 and I am getting a SECOND tonic juice and walking in cyrcles into my room...
Lets see, am I going to WIN?

P.S. I will paste here what LL ( the system) has in them description as how to bid in auctions. Unfortunately, I had to use my broken English to help you understand how this works. I'm sure their English arent broken! Lets hope there will be a better description/instructions of how to bid!

Welcome to the Second Life Auctions

How do auctions work?

Browse the auctions to view detailed information. Once you find the parcel you like, you are ready to bid on the auction. Then bid the maximum amount you wish to pay for the parcel.

If you win the auction, you will receive an email notification, your tier level will be increased (if necessary) and the land will be assigned to you inworld. That's the whole process, simple and easy!

We recommend you read the Auction FAQs and Auctions Walkthrough carefully, as they have more detailed information. You will also want to review the Maturity Rating for your chosen parcel, as this will determine who can access your parcel and the types of content that may be located there.

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The latest bidder exactly 1 minute before the auction ended, bid L$1900 but the system use L$1910 from my money to overbid them! and so I won!
Then the system RETURN/REFUND to me L$90 because they didnt use it for to overbid anyone else. ( I had paid/bid 2000. So, 2000 - 1910 = 90 )
So with few words, I paid L$1910 for a parcel of 1024m and I didnt had to be there to bid again and again in oredr to beat those who overbid me!

Does the HAPPY DANCE! :)


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 249 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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