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Are Marketplace reports even reliable?

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Trying to wrap my head around new Marketplace changes, I’ve looked at marketplace reports and honestly I am sitting in disbelief what I am looking at.

I have 3 new products waiting to be released inworld and on marketplace. I’ve uploaded them about a week ago in order to prepare them for release. They are not updates, never have been listed before and they are inactive (never have been active before, not even for one second).

Yet, in Top searched products Report list, they are showing as appeared in search, one 330 times and another as 79 times. Third one is as it should be, 0 times.

Those numbers simply should not be there. What am I missing?

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This morning I've noticed numbers have been updated:

The item "showed in search" 330 times is now 25 times "showed in search".

The item "showed in search" 79 times is on now 26 times "showed in search".

The item "showed in search" 0 times is still on 0.

Items deleted from MP years ago, are also showing is search.

So, as none of those items of mine should be shown in search, the only conclusion I can make is that we have personal list of keywords shown in search in given period of time, not actual items we have listed.

I wonder if this data is part of mysterious relevancy "complex algorithm", and IF it is ... well, let's just say that search on MP may be perfect someday, but using the wrong data it will always be wrong.

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Mine was weird .. I checked my marketplace store by listing the Best selling items. To my surprise, it listed items with 0 sales statistics in the report page. Now,  I am doubtful if their marketplace system is having problems. 

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