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I am about to remake an SL build in Blender, what do I need to know?


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I know Blender quite well and the first testing shows the units translate as 1:1.

This SL linked prim build is 26 prims and compared to other mesh work in SL, should end up at around 5-10 land impact.

If possible, I want to texture every face inside SL to keep the textures sharp, meaning the UVs must be prepared somehow correctly.

Besides removing all unnecessary vertices inside the build, creating my own LODs and making sure the normals are facing the right way, what else should be on the checklist?

Thank you for your time and possible help.

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2 hours ago, AmberJoyBliss said:

what else should be on the checklist?

Best advice, make sure you have access to the beta grid so you can do test uploads without wasting money on them.

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Join the build.

Alt + J to get back to quads

Edit Mode Alt + W and Remove Doubles


Clean up

Remap remembering that there are only  8 materials per object so you may need to divide the build into sections. 


Note that exported builds come into Blender with most often a LOT of materials listed so it is often easiest to get rid of all of the ones that came in and start anew with mapping etc.  


Good luck.  


Also as an aside depending on how the object was built it might be just as efficient to turn into  convex hull mode inworld.  This can cut a build in half (again depending on how it was built) so worth a try and much simpler.  And yes you will need a physics model -- more difficult to get a good one when uploading as one object.  


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