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Rigging clothing for large mesh bodies.


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Hey all.

So I've been working around with meshes and rigging a bit, but I wouldn't call myself an expert.

Now there is a musclebody mesh where I like to make some jogging pants for. The problem I have is that the legs of this body are quite thick, in such a way that I can't make pants with them as they are in T-pose. https://gyazo.com/e6f1260e91a97f45b3e39f105aee36b8

Now my idea was to open the legs a little, allowing me to make pants and make that pose, the new rest-pose. https://gyazo.com/55ef97bc291e03888421915448f4106f


The problem is that I'm kinda stumped, because everywhere I read that you need to rig in T-pose for SL, but I'm not sure how else I can do this.

Has anybody any idea, or tutorials. I've been searching around for so long but I haven't found a way that seems to work right.





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