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Our Main Office Location has moved : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Worlt/128/16/42

Flickr : https://flic.kr/ps/38sc3K

For estimate pricing visit the main office and click on the gentleman behind the desk.  This will provide you with a notecard and landmark.

In the notecard you will see all the information regarding landscape pricing and time frames.

If you are ready to schedule your landscape simply reach out to Barry Starlight (B4rry Bing) to have a consultation.

All contact information can be found within the notecard provided to you at the main office.  If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out.



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If you are looking to book your forever landscape, we are available as early as January 30th for our next scheduled landscape.   We work on a first come first serve basis, you must pay for your booking to secure the job on our calendar for a scheduled time frame.   Jobs take anywhere from 1-3 days for small parcels and 2-3 weeks for half to full sims.

We also offer 1/4 Sim Wedding Venue designs and simplistic 3D Mesh Designs. 

Don't wait, schedule your consultation today!

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