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VPN oddities at log in.

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I use Firestom over ProtonVPN.  My system in Archlinux, and my broadband tests out at about 60Mbps with the VPN, and 62Mbps without it (6xHTTPS).

Every time I log in I have to go through a little dance:

Log-in attempt 1:


So then I hit OK, and try again:


and so then I hit Quit, and try a 3rd time:

and I am always in.  Everything works, the lag is just as incredibly bad as it is without the VPN, but no worse.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?  Any suggestions to diagnose it?

Edit:  I should add I get straight in if I turn the VPN off, and always have done.

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Anna, I use Proton VPN and I get exactly the same messages.  I alter the VPN setting or try different servers and that usually works after several tries.  However, lately it's gotten much worse and I can either not login or it takes me 20+ attempts.  (I'm not exaggerating).

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