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I'm new to Second Life and hope someone can help.

I want to improve my sexual experiences through Second Life for example my avatar often is not schronized and they often don't touch (either I'm too short or my partner is to tall). I met someone the other day who had a HUD and they were able to change their height quickly so that we actually were touching each other.

I also want to improve how my sexual encounters look and work.

I'm unsure do I need a HUD or do I need to buy sexual animations? Is there a HUD that does both? Can people recommend what are the best quality HUD and/or sex animations to buy? There seem to be many options but I really only to buy the best.


Thank you.


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Suggest asking the person you had your encounter with.

Sensations of Xcite might have something on those lines, but its been a while and that's not the aspect of their product lines I was once familiar with.

RPE-Lovegen sells or used to sell a HUD with assorted animations. No idea if it has the features you'd desire.

A HUD to change your shape on the fly is not something I've ever heard of.


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It's possible that the person you were with had an assortment of pre-edited versions of their own shape at different heights, to be able to easily adjust on poseballs and during animations. I haven't heard of any HUD that would do this for you.

You will probably want some kind of genitals. I find Xcite! to be very attractive, and they offer a number of options. If you have a popular skin, you'll even be able to get a near perfect color match using their "skin match" system. Be aware that by defalt the genitals "emote" for you, so if you want to roleplay without automatic input, you may wish to turn this feature off.

As far as sexual animations go, there are a lot of HUD's out there. Look for the "Sex Anywhere" HUD, or similar; I've heard it's very good, though I haven't used it myself. You can buy animations separately, but it can be a pain to find exactly what you're looking for when you want it when they're free-floating in your inventory.

The marketplace is a pretty good place to look. Type a search for "sex anywhere" or just "sex" and go through the animations and HUD's. See which ones have a lot of reviews, and read them. One or two reviews can be faked, but I tend to be more trusting of products with 20 or 30 reviews. Jaqueline Beaumont has a few that seem well-liked, and she has a demo available. Not all will be on the marketplace; I've seen a vendor for one at the Mama Allpa mainstore and didn't see it in the marketplace, but it's a good starting point.

Some HUD's will have an option to "resync" since if one partner is lagging, couple's animations often go out of sync.

It's not a bad idea to simply ask your partner what they're using, if you like something that they do, an animation they have, etc.

Depending on what you're looking for, there are also some great "couples animators" out there. Some probably have sex poses; others are more kissing and hugging type animators, but a good prelude ;) Experiment; try to find demos of things you like, if you can, though with HUD's it's not always possible. Good luck!

EDITED because apparently I can't spell today.

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The good HUDs are fairly pricey but 100% worth the money, they will make sharing intimacy with your partners SO much better.

I recommend the following three as the best on the market but would love to hear if anyone has seen anything newer:

Tender Love HUD


Kama Sutra HUD




These all have options to adjust positions for different height avatars.

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Longanimous has some good suggestions, but you didn't say whether you want your animations in a stay-put piece of furniture or in a take-with form that you wear as HUD and can rez wherever SL allows it. I'

You want to beware of the cheaper 'Sex Anywhere' HUDS because the animations can be embarrassingly crude. Don't buy anything you can't try first.

Shoki makes some nice animation sets that you wear as a HUD. They're easy to use and quite robust and start at about L$800.


If you want something rougher and more BDSM-ish, Virtual ArtWorks (VAW) makes a HUD called the AnimTron with multiple speeds that's very hot:


Position adjustment is done through the AdjustPos function in the Options menu, so you'll have to learn a minimal bit of editing technique, but that's something you should know anyhow if you're staying in SL.

Also, if you're learning position editing, you'd might as well learn how to put scripts into an object (you just drag them from inventory), in which case you can use some of the excellant and overlooked animations at Sweet Animations


You can make yourself a rug and render it almost invisible, put the animtion sets in it, and rez it wherever you want. Sweet makes the sexiest dances in SL, and some gorgeous sex animations.


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I run a blog dedicated to the topics of sex & love in Second Life, and I review a lot of animations and products:


Click on the Product Review section to read some opinions.

You didn't say whether you were looking for fixed animations, such as animations in a bed or rug, etc., or in a portable, take along HUD. I'm going to assume the former.

I agree, the TenderLove system is very good as well as portable, and allows both partners to control the action. But it can be tricky to use and set up, especially for a beginner. Akaesha's Kama Sutra system is also good, but again, can be balky and the book-like HUD takes up a significant chunk of screen space. You should try any system before you buy, because the good ones aren't cheap. But then, few of the cheap ones are worth the savings.

In my opinion, TNT is dated, and they don't make any portable products that I know of. Virtual Art Works (VAW) makes a very good portable HUD called the Animtron that uses multi-speed animations, but the sex portrayed is pretty BDSM-ish. Shoki Animations also makes some very good and completely portable HUDS, and they might be your best all-around bet for vanilla take-along sex.. One of my personal favorites is the relatively unknown Sweet Animations. They sell an rug called the Love Box that you can take with you and rez wherever it's allowed, and all their animations are very expressive and hot.

The height of both avatars can be quickly adjusted on newer systems by using the Z-adjust in the Options menu of the HUD, but  I'm not familiar with any system that lets you adjust just one avatar except by doing a quick edit using the Position Adjust feature. TenderLove lets you adjust the woman's position by using the arrow keys, but I've always found that feature to be fussy and slow, though it's better now than it was.

I know that you're a beginner, but you should try to familiarize yourself with the basics of object editing ASAP. Most everything in SL requires some object editing to look right, and the faster yu learn how, the better yoiur SL experience will be. Good luck!


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3750 days.

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