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Mandy Paris

Significant performance issues.

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I, and my friends, have all been experiencing significant performance issues since the middle of last week. Starting on or around June 8th, we've noticed several inventory issues, chat lag in local chat when none occurred before, inability to wear or remove prims, and other small if frustrating issues.

Is this a result of the restarts that week or possibly the inventory maintenance that occurred about the same time? Can we expect LL to be looking at and hopefully resolving these issues soon?


Thanks =)

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At any given time there are up to 5 versions of the simulator software running on the main grid. To have an idea of why you may be experiencing problems we need to know which sim software is causing you problems. While in-world click HELP -> About in the top menu. This will open an info panel and give you the versions of software that you are using. That includes viewer, viewer support, and the sim.

You can copy paste the entire panel when asking any tech question.

You may also check the Second Life Grid Status

The main grid typically gets new software on Tuesday morning. The release channels get new software on Wednesday mornings.  There are special channels that we may or may not be told about at any given time. They may change at any time. AFAIK those special channels are usually made from parts of the release channels. There are also features in the sim software that LL may enable or disable.

The Lab does not give us much information about the Utility Servers that support the grid, i.e., login, asset, chat, and etc.

Obviously it will be difficult to know what is or may cause problems at any given time. What we do know is that Version 1 viewers are having more problems as time passes. The main LL viewer is several versions behind. Even the Beta version is behind current developments. Lots of things are being upgraded at a very fast pace. A number of performance enhancements are in the release channels. They don't always look glamorious as those versions may run more debugging and data  collection code than the final release will. 

With any luck some of the upgrades like Mono2 that have been stuck in a test/fix cycle for weeks will pass and get to the main grid this coming Tuesday.

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