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Wanted Employment as a Hostess or Manager of a Music Club


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My name is Mayalily.  I'm a RL female and a SL female. 

I'm looking for a job as a hostess or manager of a music club, but I need to like the music to want to work there and since most wanted ads don't say what type of music they play, I thought I'd write what type of club I'd like to work at and also post what times I can work.

The types of music I like are:  Rock, Soft Rock, Pop, and Jazz (a little metal is okay and I like Grunge like Nirvana but don't want to hear two hours of metal).  I'd like to work at a club that plays mostly the hits from the 60's through 90's, and also a club that enjoys some deep tracks. 

Music I prefer NOT to listen to is:  Trance, Rap, Country (a little rockability is okay but not Country), and Dance Remixes.  And I wouldn't want to work at an all metal club either.

I've been around musicians my whole life and have a lot of knowledge about music, so I might work well with a knowledged music club/group, etc.  Sort of a club for Music Nerds.  That might describe me - a music nerd. 

Hours I can work are:  Monday through Friday, no weekends.  Times would differ though; sometimes mornings, sometimes afternoons on weekdays. 

I try to keep a cute avi, but am also agreeable to any kind of dress code as long as it looks good on me; meaning I don't want to look weird in it.  We all don't look good in everything. 

I'm friendly, outgoing on SL, LOVE to talk about music, share good music, and I enjoy flirting.  I also love helping people who can't find the dance ball or work the huds, etc.  I'm always helping, even though I'm not the one getting paid.  

Anything else you might like to know, just give me a shout out. 

A Must About the Dj's:  I'd like to work at a club that also has their Dj's keep updating their playlists because I don't want to hear the same songs over and over.  So must have good Dj's also.  And since, I'm a music nerd, I can help in finding great songs to play to keep them coming back! 

I feel I am extremely knowledgable about great music, have met many famous musicians in RL and gone through the writing to the recording to the promoting to the performing and television with them.  

I grew up in the music industry, and for my SL vote on the last poll, it was "creative". 

Do I have what it takes to help make you one of the best SL music clubs ever, I believe I do. 

Again, just give me a shout out (aka instant message here or drop me a notecard). 



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4787 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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