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Do you sleep in SL? How do you sleep? Where do you sleep?

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This is another topic that was archived when we moved to this new forum and I missed it, so I restarted it.

Hope nobody minds.


Anyway, the idea behind this topic is that we share with each other if, and how we sleep in SL.

NO, I don't want to know who you sleep with or any kind of hanky panky that happens in your bed ;)

This is all just about SLEEPING.

Yes, sleeping in SL is a bit silly, our avatars don't need sleep and we do, but I still enjoy seeing my avatar earn some well deserved rest.

Do you put your avatar to bed and leave SL logged on when you go to sleep?

Or does your avatar just go to bed as part of the roleplay you're involved with?

Do you sleep with your eyes closed (see the close your eyes trick; http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/Sleeping-closing-your-avatars-eyes/m-p/776251#M3083 )

In short, tell us about how, why and where you sleep and if you can, show a picture of you sleeping.


Here I am, sleeping in 1920s Berlin.

Small messy room, cat sleeping at my feet.

I don't really sleep in SL, I only sleep as part of roleplay or because I am too busy to respond to whats going on around me in SL.

Me asleep in my room.

And yes I use the close yer eyes trick;


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I sleep in my bed in RL :D 


I put my sim secuity bot on watch for the groups and land,kissy my current baby build nighty and log out....


I once knew a couple that as a rule put their AVs to bed together and slep in RL with a laptop log in next to their bed..

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I have never done this sleeping thing, but strangely (in my mind at least), whenever this subject comes up it seems most avatars do sleep or at least have gone through a sleeping phase at some point, so no pictures from me.

But slightly off this topic, I recently bought a pair of leather biker trousers and my friend who hated them and was trying to put this across to me said - "but Ziggy, are these really your dream trousers?" I had to stop and think for a while, because here I am in SL, I can have any trousers I want, I can actually have the trousers of my dreams and yet I chose a pair of crappy old leathers, which leads me to the question...

Jo is that really your dream bedroom?

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Ziggy21 Slade wrote:

Jo is that really your dream bedroom?

Yes absolutely.

I'd give my left arm to have a tiny room above a street in downtown 1920s Berlin.

I love history more then anything so being able to "live" in the past is my ultimate dream.

I don't care for luxery or vanity, I want realism, authenticity and historical accuracy.

So a small common apartment, a nice big soft chair by a coal fire, some books, magazines on the floor, a record player, a cat sleeping at my feet, an open window letting in the sounds of the bar below.... yep sounds like paradise to me.

In my sim we have ultra luxerious bedrooms at the Hotel Adlon, there are big mansions, modern Bauhaus style apartments... but that just isn't me.

The only other place I'd perhaps like to stay for a while would be a zeppelin cabin, but an authentic realistic one, so tiny and with just enough space for a bunk and table.

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These pictures are cute!  Well done bedroom Jo, I love it!  You are very blessed to have such a nice place.

I had considered putting my avatar to sleep before I log off, but then the stand icon shows up, and I thought that might 'cuz some probs for my finicky computer, so I always left her standing.

For relaxation, I liked this meditation sim that was created, kind of sleeping but sitting.  However, it was taken down.  :(

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I frequently snooze ... does that count? I like the music that plays on my little parcel, so I sit on a barrel and catch zzz's while the music plays (When I first found SL, sleeping was a big concern for me ... where to go when I logged off ... I didn't realize that my avatar went *poof* so that it did not matter).





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Once, a long long time ago, I had a sex bed, sex table, 2 sex pools, a sex HUD, a sex Kitty Basket, and... you get the idea... ;)

I kinda fizzled on that end of SL when I realized what was funny to me was srs-bsns to others...

And then I noticed certain friends would always expect the poseballs to come out when they visited...

And then we got the ability to see script memory on our land with V2 or 2.1 somewhere... and I discovered why my sim was laggy, and couldn't blame anyone else. ;)


So now I have this nice 'M rated' bed (not G because it has a few strange poses where one person kneels beside the bed in a Gorean style pose). It was the tamest bed I could find after a month of looking, that was still appealing to my sense of visual style.


The room's a bit barren from this camera angle. My bedroom is the basement of my semi-acorn like skybox.

Those particular kinds of friends moved on when I got 'less interesting' - but were I to gain new ones with that sort of SL-Hobby, I could tell them now that all my such furnishings were given away long ago, and I just don't have the poseballs anymore. :)


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i used to go through this whole ritual every night before logging off..just as if i were getting ready for bed in RL..

i remember the last thread..i can't remember the picture i put in it or if i had even put one in it..sometimes i slept in the nude..well a lot of times i did lol..

it's good we have actual blankets now in sl ..because sometimes it would get kinda chilly in the winter :P


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How funny, I never even considered putting my avi to bed in SL.  I like the idea, and now I need to find a nice comfy blanket to slip under  when it's time to turn out the lights.  Oh wait a minute - our bed *does* let me get under the covers!  I discovered that at some point accidentally I think.  Obviously the bed doesn't get used much.  :)


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In over four years I have never put my avatar to bed when I log off for the day. I have a good friend who used to be carried to bed by her SL bf years ago (awww how cute!) and I know that others have similar rituals. Nope, I leave Venus standing and she is standing when I login the next time.

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Hehe, I used to have my house in Berlin. I chose not to keep it when we went to the full sim, because I work too much, and someone else would probably enjoy it more.

But, I did use my bed for sleeping, back when I used the house. Also, when I got the flu really bad in RL, I decorated the room with flu remedies (medications and matzoh ball soup) and friends came to sit in a chair and chat with me. Since I was only there to chat, being too sick to get work done, it was fitting.

Most of the time, however, I have just been humorous with my "sleep." My previous shop, I built in an attic, and I put a lamp, an overturned book, and a blanket and pillow up there. I'd leave my avatar up there to sleep all night when I went to bed.

On Esoterica (the sim where my main store is), when we have holiday parties, it's become tradition to find an interesting way to leave myself floating in the pond overnight (I have a business line and a great computer, so it doesn't complain about SL being left on all night). First time, I woke up to find that the owners had placed a lifesaver next to me. Another, I decorated my sleeping corpse with floating beer cans and pretty much every freebie picnic food I had (yes, there are ice cream cones mixed in with the beer cans). For Halloween on Esoterica, I also used the noose liberally. I know I spent one night "hanging" from my shop's porch. And another, I "hung" myself from the porch of the haunted house I'd put up.

Halloween "sleeping":

My attic (not the best photo):

My attic.jpg

Was really excited about a particular release of Retropolitan Magazine, so I camped out in front of the press office:
Camping Out at Eso.jpg

After big party at Esoterica, absinthe got the better of me:
Absinthe Dreams 01.jpg
Absinthe Dreams 02.jpg

After the 4th of July party at Esoterica:
4th of July 01.jpg
4th of July 02.jpg

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The pics everyone posted are great!

I often like to put my AV to bed when I log out -- but he's always standing up when I log back in! (would be a nice touch if sitting and other poses were saved so they'd still be in force upon login.)

I'll have to find me some blankets, and try the closing the eyes trick.


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