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Xaara - Where Dreams Come True!

Jorden Grau

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Xaara is Mediterranean-French style Adult Roleplay sim in Second Life. It offers up as well: shopping, dancing, introduction to ponyplay, a chateau with rp loosely based on the Story of O, the Alanis Art Gallery with it's living statues, angels and wonderous displays of erotic art, special events and much more. Hidden spots of romance and seclusion, we are working hard to offer a diverse range of rp opportunities and social gatherings. Comprised now of 3 sims come by and watch us as we grow!  It is roleplay that is based on the D/s lifestyle.

                                                                      Our Vision for our Growth

As we begin this blog and continue the hard work preparing for the growth that is occuring we wish to take this time to share our vision of what we see and are working towards. We offer the below in hopes of drawing in even more wonderful people to our magnificent community.

 The Sims themselves are comprised of 3 sims..1 main and 2 homestead. The main sim houses the Alanis Art Gallery and RP community, the shopping district, the roleplay La Domaine and stables to offer variety to the roleplay available; a supplement, a continuation a way of adding and encouraging even more roleplay opportunities. Activities include a gondola ride, various secluded and romantic spots to get-away can also be found. The next two sims are extensions for the ponies and will also have little tidbits of spots in which to get away and roleplay, villa's to rent on a short term basis for holiday/vacation.  Coming up in August is the Miss O Pageant (details forthcoming) and Gala in commemoration of the Grand Opening of the La Domaine and changes/expansions within Xaara. 

A roleplay group is being put together now to begin the expansion of roleplay within the Xaaran Community.  IM Jorden Grau or Ayla Guisse if Y/you are interested or look in search for "The Vineyard".  We chose this name as the roleplay will be as varied as the flavors of wine that are produced within the vineyard. 


La Domaine

 Based loosely on the Story of O. We would love to see a willing girl or two able to dedicate times of "chilling out" in O dress and mannerisms waiting, idling if need be, as people come by in order to build a traffic of people flowing through the La Domaine. They can meander over from the Art Gallery Courtyard to further their rp...or come directly to the La Domaine and meander over to the Art Galleries Courtyard. The girl's rp'ing should be in O dress...but the Dom/mes should have no dress requirement. RP should be done in local as it helps create the atmosphere, but to absolutely require it is 1) impossible 2) some just can't do it, be it shy, inhibited, whatever.

 The girls "working (roleplaying)" should work hard to keep a conversation going, or emoting activities be it going around dusting, offering drinks, freshening flowers etc..whenever someone is around. Make newcomers feel welcome, show people around and offer information about Xaara and Alanis. All are free to chill wherever, whenever, and to use the La Domaine as just a place to meet and discuss quietly things they need to even if it is not rp, in IM. But the purpose of the La Domaine is to exist as an rp only venue. The dining room can be used for those who might want to rp an evening's dinner party! With girls attending to the meal!

 I can see now, a Dom/me and girl/boy finishing up a visit to the chateau, the Dom/me having a quiet brandy in the library and He/She decides to end their evening/visit with a pony ride over to the other sims, the countryside. So they meander over to the stables, a trainer hooks up the pony to a cart for them and off they go for a romantic little ride.....

 As far as ponies go..We have gotten such a vision...I wish to thank Carina Asbrink for her help in giving me a direction for which this opportunity is heading. And for rp I love what we have done. The pony comes in from it's ride and gets a drink from the water box...the bath is there for the owner to bathe and cool down and the grooming stand to priss the pony back up when done. The Stable Master/Tack room equipped with a desk and 2 chairs, is the beginning place one can go if they are interested in exploring pony play. We will never be able to compete with the PPP's and FFF's of SL and shouldn't attempt to and have no desire to. But what niche we can fill is that niche for the casual rp'r....OR...one who is perhaps interested in finding out about pony play in a lower key atmosphere before deciding to commit to a large sim/organization such as PPP or FFF. A dipping their toe in the water shall we say? We have people willing to be available to share knowledge, act as a trainer in an rp manner. I see now, the trainer in the tack room, sitting behind the desk, speaking to the owner, the sub, wide-eyed, listening unsure what is going on, that bit of excitement fluttering in her/his belly. The trainer flipping through the vendor talking of the basics, informing of the larger sims that train for full-time more than casual player ponies. And then, they take one of the free pony sets. The sub is led out the door to the dressing stand in the stable area right outside the tack room now. And calmly the trainer talks the owner through, or does so in His/Her stead dresses the submissive, transforming her from a human to a pony and thus the girl/boy's journey begins.

 Another use for the stables that would allow us to work in a non-competitive way with the larger pony sims is to market it as a pony getaway. A place for the full-time owner/trainer/pony to get away for a few hours, a couple of days whatever and holiday/vacation and rp in our stables, wandering around Xaara, Magic enjoying the Mediterranean and peaceful atmosphere's of the sims...a break from their normal routine at PPP or FFF but in no way competing with it, at a place fully equipped for their needs.

 In our world of D/s, there is no right way or wrong way in which to live. W/we hope to bridge gaps and offer ways of casual exploration and excitement as we work with others who specialize in specific areas of the lifestyle.

 Right now, I am so excited by this, so many opportunities ahead....we want to get started right away!

 Now for the summer we have several events planned. An informal get-together in July giving tours of the facilities as we lead up to the planned "Miss O Pageant" to be held August 6th. (Details will be forthcoming). The ROPE series of Forceme SilverSpar's will be held every Wednesday starting June 22 for 4 weeks. It is a roleplay training series and enables certification on your roleplaying skills! Come check it out! On August 13th, we will close out the summer with a huge gala kicking off the formal Grand Opening of the extensions of Xaara with dancing, tours, a live singer and much more.
 Stay tuned and as we progress we'll keep you filled in.


Check out our blog as well at Xaara Blog.

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A textual tour...

Xaara is an adult French- styled theme sim with much to offer Adult roleplayers as well as those seeking to enjoy some delicious and varied art, shopping, exploration and dancing; with many spots secluded away for private moments, as well as, places for social interraction. It would be easy to give landmarks for all the wonderful places there are to explore but if it is your first time, you should surely walk and enjoy all the sights the community has to offer.

When you land you will instantly feel the peaceful atmosphere as the world begins to come into view. The peaceful sound of the fountain will fill your ears as the birds playing among the cafe tables and cobblestones bringa grin to your face. Looking around to your right you will see a gondola available to take you on a short ride across to the chapel (also accessible on foot) where quiet moments can be sent in self contemplation or thoughts of those we dearly miss.

Up the steps you will see the tremendous Alanis Art Gallery with all it's exhibits and beautiful garden where the angels await to please you. A popular place for visiting and making friends you should be sure and go by for warm hello's.

Looking all around you will notice many shops surrounding you, Sage fashions, Alli & Alli hair, The Shack, BlackLace, Omega Fashion and Miss Jewell. Windowshop, buy, sit at the cafe tables for a glass of wine or coffee and just take in the peaceful atmosphere.
Walking across the bridge following the canal you will see more opportunities for shopping intermixed with spots for socializing. Open Collar, A curio, home decor shop, Inspirations by Inga, Anna's store of O, 2xtreme and Sweet Surrender. Sit on a bench and feed the ducks or if its hot take a dip in the canal.

At the end of the piazza the path goes further at which the end is a small live entertainment club, "Macintyres" and private residences. Crossing the bridge however, takes you towards the steps that lead up to the new La Domaine. A large chateau and stables available for roleplay with a blend of pony play and a subtle theme of "O".

But before you get to the La Domaine you will enter the Vineyard the first of many spots of beauty and tranquility. Make some wine or enjoy a private romantic dinner, walk down to the sunken gardens and enjoy a few moments with your loved one or just a few moments to yourself all of which lie in the shadow of the fabulously elegant La Domaine.

Walk up the steps and through the gate you finally reach your destination... La Domaine, a place meant to be grand and full of life, laughter and play, talking and enjoying all that there is to experience. A total world in and of itself with it's many elegant sitting rooms, play a game of chess or cards, a fashionable dining room to hold that dinner party you don't have room for at your own home...perhaps a few of the girls will be available to serve for you. A library to sit and visit before going out to the stables to see if a pony is available to take you out on a tour of the countryside. Fencing and private rooms available up the stairs. When you enter La Domaine you will instantly be pulled into the exquisite wood bar and fireplace that greet you. Doors on either side of you, one to the fireplace on the left, the dining room on the right but you choose to go straight ahead, more doors, one to the courtyard of the stables, and stairs leading to the second floor rooms and fencing, the hallway takes you down to the wine room, the steps to the dungeon.

There is so much offered and waiting to be utilized, take a walk and explore. The good news is, this is not all there is! Down the tree-lined path from La Domaine, you enter the french countryside, beach, a place to tan, surf or even boat. Dance with your loved one at the small pond or explore the caves, follow the road around or break off into the grassy knoll and see where it takes you. Wonderful spots for pictures and getaways.

Vacation and short term rentals are available for holidays. And it stops not here, at the end of the road lies more countryside set up just for ponies and beauty, words don't do it justice so I daresay just put on your hiking boots and come explore....Explore Xaara and allow your Dreams to come true.

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Xaara, comprised now of 3 sims...and winding down the construction is ready for preview!!  


And now we have more fun ways to come explore.....hot air balloons and magical flying machines!!


Come find your dream at Xaara, Open House 2:00 sl Saturday for tours and information....exclusive preview before our Grand Opening in August!


Xaara Blog 

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We had our Open House and it went off with a huge success!  So many different factions of roleplay are interested in using our facilities!  And now, the entry process for the Miss O  Pageant is kicking off.  Information packets can be gathered at the Xaara Landing Point, The Alanis Art Gallery , Bondage Ranch and at all the sponsors stores.  

The Pageant is based on the Story of O and will have 3 categories... Dress and presentation, one improv rp scene, and one short verbal essay question from the story.  Judges will be unattached to the contestants, two are roleplay experts Forceme Silverspar and Bouncing Box and the other one or two will be more knowledgable of O.

Prizes are anything from 1000's of linden to beautiful gowns, a custom made owl mask as in the story.

This is but one of the events leading up to the grand opening of Xaara.  So check out the blogs below for more information.


Miss O Pageant blog

Blog for Xaara Adult Roleplay and Sim 

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