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naming and shaming?

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A very blunt short and direct message to my stalker scum with 100 alts (who was named along with about 7 alts) being all my profile contained seemed to do the trick .

I would like to think it caused some hurt but I'm realistic enough to assume it just caused them some drama from their other acquaintances so finally after 2 or 3 years it blocked me . 

To alter quotes and pass them on was one of its favourite tools .

Its all lies and fantasy , the rights and wrongs , the good and bad , the difference is only intent .

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It might be against ToS, but to me on the scale of offenses it's probably a -1 on the scale. It's probably in the ToS for LL to cover their butts legally.

I remember on a lot of message boards people used to quote what someone else said on the board in their signature that was funny or weird. It's the SL equivalent to that to me. It's pretty harmless.

It's also a good indicator that I want to limit my interaction with the person that did it. In my experience, its usually a snippet of a conversation and the people that have it in their picks usually are the type of people that try to provoke those kind of reactions. It's like a giant glowing "Danger" sign. 

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