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Friends can see when you're online

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20 minutes ago, Ceka Cianci said:

Ya regular chat is not a problem and that shows up on the bottom left.. I was just hoping I could stop what people type in an IM that shows in the upper right corner..

It even has a little x to close it ,where regular chat doesn't..

With my settings, I get IMs in chat and nothing appears anywhere else.  So play around with them, just take a backup first.

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7 minutes ago, Ceka Cianci said:

I had a couple of glasses of wine last night and ended up adding like 5 people to my friends list..lol

I woke up today with my head hurting and then remembered.. omg How many people did I add last night?  Should i log in , should i just take a day off?

Be brave, just remove them.  If you get drama then you definitely made the right choice.

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1 minute ago, Gabriele Graves said:

Be brave, just remove them.  If you get drama then you definitely made the right choice.

That's probably what will end up happening , but I'm just gonna do it tomorrow.. I'm not used to the after effect of drinking.. I don't know how others do it and keep doing it..  hehehehe

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46 minutes ago, Ceka Cianci said:

I just updated my AutoRespond today.. If that doesn't say enough for someone, then they are just being impatient and will start to become a little invasive with each IM..

Time is our most valuable thing we have.. I don't think it's bad of us to take it personal when someone start overstepping and avoiding things we've set up so we can enjoy our time here.. I really take it personal when they start acting like my time is their time and for some reason feel they need an explanation for where i was..

My husband is the only one with the right to get huffy over that. I get really edgy when someone thinks they are anywhere near his shoes.

This is my updated version.. It's plain and simple and to the point.. hehehehe

The Resident you messaged has activated Firestorm viewer's 'AUTORESPOND mode.  They are busy doing something in either SL or RL  and will get back with you as soon as they are avalible.
Thank you and have a great day / night.

I used to have the autorespond set to pretend I was IMing in the wrong box saying the sort of things one might say during an intimate moment like "Oh baby, yeah, do that again, yes Yes YES!!!"

People seemed to be less upset by that.  I guess thinking I was so excited I typed in the wrong spot was more acceptable than the fact I just didn't want to talk to them right then. 

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On 9/21/2022 at 2:17 AM, BelindaMercedes said:

Not sure if this comes across as rude to my friends.  It isn't meant to be.  But wanted to know, if all of my friends will be notified if i turn off the 'friends can see when you're online' button?

Its just sometimes - just like in real life -  i just want a a few hours privacy... and can become a pain or awkward to have to disappoint friends IMMING me, to then have to tell them I am busy.  Especially if they are not close friends... 

I do realise there are other ways they will know I am online... and I am not trying to hide.  Just wantd to now and again make it less obvious, and to try and minimize the wave of instant IMS I get the very second I log on.

And a related second question.

If I turn on either AWAY - UNNAVAILABLE or AUTORESPOND..  What is the difference between them all?.  And would this be a better alternative to tell friends that I am busy?

Thanks for any advice?

If you are in same groups your status is shown. So yeah they would know you turned it off.   Just set boundaries or be honest with people and say hey I really want to talk but I am right in the middle of something, can we talk later? 

Or just set yourself to busy, they can PM you but you don't have to answer, its like SL answer to call screening.  

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