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RIP Torben Asp

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Thursday at 6pm SL time there will be an event -- Torben's music (played in his honor) -- and it will be at : RadioSpiral (119,111,29).

There will also be a memorial service a later time...will post when I know more

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Death is hard. My daughter has brain cancer, and I missed a grand opportunity to discuss death with Torben when it would have been a mind-blowing life-altering experience. I won't do that again. Can we accept death and see it for the beautiful thing it really is?

               Poem For Torben

it's not like we were the best of friends
but we smiled together when SL was new
you with your music, playing in my gardens
i gave you a place to live in my sky
i watched you bloom and take your music to RL
i watched your love bloom with jess
always so kind, that is your nature

i drifted away, as i did with all people
but i messaged you from time to time
didn't want to forget you
you showed me yourself on youtube
talking to any friend who asked about you
you looked near death
so haggard and thin
but happy! so happy!
i'd just learned my daughter was dying
i couldn't tell you
all mixed up
i wanted to protect you
just be there for you
but how could you be so f*cking happy?
i couldn't go there
did i not even message back 
to say i'd watched
to wish you well?

i went to your memorial
night before last
it was like you were still there
your voice speaking in the songs
my mind drifts back to the youtube video
grace in the face of death
acceptance and love
i'm trying to feel the love there
I'm sorry i couldn't
i know you were loved
had so many friends
who went there with you
"it's okay, Luna"
i hear you say
how can you give to me now?
you're dead
but you are, giving to me
I feel your acceptance
your love even in death
i can almost smile with you
as I watch the youtube video
i see my daughter's dead face
and i freak out
i want to create the most beautiful death in the world
for my daughter
i'm channeling you, from your grave
a part of me thinks you're still alive
i'm soaking in your love for life
death doesn't take it away

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