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Hello! I have friends & family, including myself, that are just OBSESSED with Teegle horses but have limited places to ride them! While grouping up with other Teegle lovers, like Rosehaven Horse Riders, can be fun, if you ever feel like you want to explore by yourself, well you came to the right thread! I'll be sharing some places I love to go! I found it difficult to find good places to ride my horse, so I made it a thing to go and research some places to go and put them into a thread. I will also give you my thoughts on the scenery & accessibility, including lag!

#1  Ville de Coeur Horse Trail & Hunting Club.
This is such a beautiful scenic place! You'll rez in at an old fashion horse ranch, greeted by wandering horses, turkeys and other animals. They have main roads and specific horse trails! You can follow the horse riding signs for the riding trails. Ville de Coeur is a fine trail with gorgeous views of meadows, forests, villages, & even a view of the sea! What more could you ask for?
The only unfortunate thing about this place is there is no rezzing! So you will have to add your horse to your outfit in order to trail ride here. 

#2 Templeton Cove Stables
I'm a sucker for realistic lakes and nature parks, so when I stumbled upon this giant sim with all it's beauty, I knew that this was for sure going to go into my blog! I rode around to every place and not only do they feature great places to live but they offer great visitor spots as well! This place would be perfect for anyone wanting to roleplay a Yellowstone type style. If you do visit, I highly recommend making your way to Sister's Stroll as it's paired with beautiful scenery and a fantastic romantic view! Not to mention there are deer there!! If romance isn't your thing, you can take a gander at the Unity Park, where you and your friends can picnic and even bring your kids! One of the most exciting things for me was the Lighthouse! Climb the mountain on horse back and get to visit a lighthouse you're able to go to the tippy top to? Heck yeah!
They do not give you permission to rez, so you will have to wear your horse. Sim crossings do provide lag, but it heals up in a matter of seconds. They do offer a horse for anyone to ride if they do not have one!

#3 Norrland
A giant sim home to plenty of scenery and vacation cottage homes for ADULTS! Come as you are and take a look for yourself the beautiful stuff here at Norrland. It was one of my favourite sims to go on as it's spacious. The owners provide guides for you as well as detailed information at the beginning of the trail. They also provide a horse for you, if you do not have one. 
You are able to rez your horse or vehicle. I wouldn't recommend coming here if you have a poor quality computer or internet as it does lag severely.


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43 minutes ago, Cougar Sangria said:

I recommend the whole of Bellisseria.  Thousands of regions to explore and some of the best scenery around.  AND...you don't need a group tag, or be a premium member to ride there.

As someone with the FFXIV Chocobo... er Teegle Strider instead of a horse, a bonus for Bellisseria is no one is going to toss you out for not having a "realistic" purple winged unicorn. ;)

The camper and log home regions are particularly full of naturalistic looking views for screenshots as well as a lot of hidden little parks, campsites, and features to find and enjoy with friends.


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