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Billboard Contest

Ziekling Bunnyhug

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More info here : Flickr


A new collaboration from The Bay’s people & Prize Sponsored by Groovi – We bring you, a super fun themed photo contest!

How can we have a contest without a sim though? Well.. the sim is coming soon and we need YOU to be the star of the show.

One thing I really wanted in this city was billboards that reflected actual SL, no using RL sources, and not just your typical SL-ads either, although we will have a space for promoting SL businesses I want it to be catchy and cute. Promote your fictional fashion campaign, album, restaurant, or car insurance company? Make it funny!

Categories photos are judged on:


Overall Appeal

Visibility & Clearness

Theme ( Parody, Satire, Advertisement, Fame, Billboard. )

Aspect ratio is not limited to but may fit best with these following :
1150 x 728
1000 x 370

How to enter :
Upload your image to flickr and submit it to the contest group. Do not forget to us the tag The Bay Billboard Contest 2022 or include these words in your description.

Also as an extra bonus you can join the Groovi Discord, post your image there too. 

Update 9/16  : Advertising actual SL-businesses is allowed but be creative about it.
Update : Deadline October 5th 


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