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In World Pizza & Balloon Bouquet Delivery Service Beta testers/ delivery agents.

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Thanks for looking!

Just over a month ago someone in the Builders Brewery group got me started on a new project with the comment "I'd love to get a Pizza delivery in world".

In World Pizza delivery. Loved the idea. So, of course, I ran with it and have created a server system to handle not only new bento animated, Fresh, Hot interactive Pizza with personal delivery but also Balloon Bouquets delivered by costumed characters, flowers, and of course, strip-o-grams in the final stage.

Phase 1 roll out consists of an Employee HUD and Customer HUDs that work with a grid wide server to take and process Pizza orders, sends agents to a random store to "pick up" the order, they get paid on the spot automatically, then they deliver the order in world to the location/ person specified. Any Tips from the customer are 100% yours to keep.

If you are outgoing and think delivering Pizzas or Balloon bouquets dressed like a Gorilla is up your alley,

Please contact myself or VictoriaSteam for an Employee Kit and help test the system beta release while getting paid and meeting new people.

Customer HUDs are also free if you want to help try out that part. All Pizza orders will be "5 items for 5 Lindens".

The whole idea is to create a new way for people to meet new people and have fun RP opportunities, the small Linden amount is to reflect that.

This is about having fun and meeting new people and making a few Linden bux at the same time.

Just wear the HUD and log in to the server. No need to hang out at our location. Do what you want where you want.

When someone orders an item the server will choose an agent at random and contact them through the HUD asking if they are available to deliver the order. If they say no or don't answer it keeps asking agents until someone agrees to deliver the order. If you're busy, click NO. If not, click Yes and go have some fun.

If you have a Pizza shop/ restaurant and want a Free 'Pizza HUD' Store server to draw traffic to your location please contact me. I am working on an animesh Pizza Chef to add some life to the system as well as the ability to order directly in store.

This is the beta test of a grid wide system so please help me try to find any issues before the full roll out.

Thanks again for your time!

Artorius Constantine


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Thanks for the shoutout @MariahMaximilliana! So nice to meet you and to have your local pizza shop so conveniently located. :D I can say that since reaching out, I've had an AMAZING time playing around with this innovative idea and have already met cool people by doing deliveries! It's definitely worth it to check it out and see how it can add to your roleplay experience. I hope to see pizza shops all across the grid!

Mainland Pizza is open for business! If you're interested in checking out the roleplay, I have two locations: 

Mainland Pizza at Dulla Centre (offers delivery and pick up through the customer hud)
Mainland Pizza at Ascending Gardens (offers in-store ordering, pick up, and delivery)

If you're interested in running a shop but don't have time to create a store on your own, I've created a 'franchise' option set up with a store build, links to the delivery experience, branding, and personal coaching time with me to ensure your Mainland Pizza location is a success! I'm open to sharing to potential store owners before the release- it will be for sale once the delivery system is open to the public! Reach out to me if you're interested. :)


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Thanks for the amazing response! Everyone has been awesomely helpful and so far no major bugs.

I was working on adding the Balloons & Flowers to the new Flower Shop server this morning when the restarts came along. I'll get back to it when I get back in world.

I have 5 more free 'Pizza HUD' store servers for the Beta test, (5 stores in world now) after that they will only be available for Sale on the MP and I won't be able to discuss them here.

Contact me in world for a Store Server kit. It's basically a complete, operating Pizza shop with an editable menu. All you need is a building to put it in.

Soul has made an awesome pre-fab that works perfectly with the system. I hope to see more people jumping in to add options I haven't thought of.

Deliveries are picked up by the agents (or customers) at a random store. That helps bring people to your location. The store kit even includes an animesh Pizza chef and a custom menu. You can change the items and prices so you can have your own specialty items that are available only in your store. Just added that yesterday by request of a Beta tester. Your custom menu will not affect the delivery menu or be available through the HUD. That's for your store exclusives and all the money from it goes directly to you.

We need more delivery agents! Especially in other time zones (I'm US). The system allows for In store Pick-Ups and Instant delivery to inventory but the In-World, In-person delivery is really what it was made for. I got to watch one from an alt and it was really fun. All you do is wear the HUD, Log in and wait for it to call you. Pay is automatic and Tips are yours to keep.

Customer Pizza HUDs are, and always will be, free on the MP, or can be had at any in world 'Pizza HUD' location, or from any Delivery agent.

If a customer chooses "In store Pick up" The order is sent to a random store and they will be sent a hyper link to it. The order will be waiting for them on the counter.

I started a group, Pizza HUD In World Delivery Service, Please join us! I hope people will start hosting Pizza Parties and they can advertise them in the group.

KO, the sim should be up and running again. back to work. CIAO!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 648 days.

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