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Famous Landmarks Challenge!

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For those that can’t travel to the real Paris and take a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower, you can do that from the comfort of your home in Second Life! No passport required!

I took my selfie at the virtual Paris City region:

Wendi took hers at the Paris Eiffel region:

Both of these images are raw shots, straight from Second Life!

Take a selfie at one of the Eiffel Tower locations and share it here! If you’re not into the Eiffel Tower, no worries, choose one of the many other replicas of famous landmarks and locations in Second Life!

If you decide to post this on any social networks, don’t forget to use the hashtag #SecondLifeChallenge. You can also add your images to the Second Life Challenge Flickr Group as well as the Official Second Life Flickr Group

Happy travels!


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Debated for a bit whether or not to add this one because I don;t like having to blur out parts of my pics. Oh well. The original text accompanying this pic was:

I'm spending a weekend in Paris and I even got myself a date! 
Now... he told me to wait outside carrying a shopping bag over my shoulder. 
I hope he won't mind that I am also wearing my lucky heels...



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I think The Great Wall  is really an interesting build  that we can visit in SL.. You can travel on top of it or inside it. You can catch a pod if you want to ride one of those as well.

These are the 14 regions  it runs through

Athetis, Spini, Pyri, Ziczac, Drepana, Cabera, Jubata, Idia, Gilvaria, Aplasta, Jodis, Epirrhoe, Tyta, Horisme

I love The Heterocera Atoll.. The whole area is filled with so much to explore.

This is the beginning ground entrance

The Great Wall

This is Up top at the start.

The great Wall 2

Along the way  when you come to a pavilion covering the top.. There will be an entrance in the side of the wall that will look like one of these.. That is, If someone hasn't built right up to it blocking the entrance..

RLV Setup1_015


This is the other end, viewing the wall  from the road.. At the top of that tube is a teleport.

the Great Wall 3

The  a view from up top on the end of the wall.

The Great Wall 5


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